ACC @ CBC February 23, 2014


Hello everyone,

The Mexico Team is back!!

We had an incredible week of ministry and outreach at Casa De Luz and are so excited to share some of the stories and pictures with you. It was an intense week of ministry in so many different areas…..the orphanage with the children, the church La Hermosa, the ministry at the Tijiuana garbage dump, handing out food hampers…and yes, the building project. I think we packed a month of activity into seven days. That’s what happens when the Sieberts are leading the trip. However, the most important thing we want to  share will be the stories of some of the changed lives ….mostly our own….while we were down in Mexico.

This Sunday I want to delay my new series…really??? I know that my wife Cheryl is shaking her head in disbelief. I am such a focused, stay on track, no returns type of guy. Yes, it surprises me too…but we will start our new series “There’s An App For That” next Sunday.

During our time in Mexico we had such an awesome team…the Sieberts (what great leaders), Lodes, Vic and Aisha, Sharon, Dylan, Matt, Brad and Marie and kids, Dave and Angie and Katelyn, my son Jared and I.  It was an incredible team with incredible hearts. I want to share what God laid on my heart in Mexico…but we are going to have each family share too. You will be inspired, challenged and thrilled to hear all about what God did not just through us…but to us!! You will not want to miss Sunday.

I have missed seeing you the past two Sundays while we have been in Mexico. I look forward to seeing you. I’ll be in my regular spot ( see how calculated I am) ready to high five the kids!!

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

**New Sermon Series: There’s an App For That

People love Apps! In fact, it seems like there is an app for everything. Over the past few years, over 1 million apps have been developed…Im sure that some of you have that many! Is there an app to grow closer to God? Come and join us as we look at what the Bible has to say about growing closer to God. There might just  be an app for that!!
March 2nd What Do I Really Believe App?
March 9th Handling Stress App
 March 23rd Dealing With Temptation App
 March 30th Making Right Choices App

* Kidszone

We are continuing to teach the different choices that shape a kid’s life. This week the kids will be learning about the choice to pray for others. It is great to encourage our kids to pray each and every day. It lets them know that we can always talk to God.

Also, this Sunday, the kids will be having a popcorn and movie day. They won’t want to miss it!
Each Sunday the children at Kidzone have the opportunity to generously give their change to help people in need. All the Kidzone offering will be going towards the The Kibaale Project. The children have the opportunity to bless other children in Kibaale with items that they need.
Please join us in helping us teach your children about giving back a portion of God’s blessing.

*Outlet Youth

Outlet Youth

In the Orange room we are continuing our series all about making wise choices. This week were are talking about how our choices effect others around us both positively and negatively.