ACC @CBC April 6, 2014


Hi everyone,

We hope you had a great Spring Break. Cheryl, Jared and I had a wonderful time visiting my youngest brother and his family in Texas… I had the privilege of speaking at his church, watching my nephews baseball game and taking in a Dallas Stars hockey game. It was great fun!!
This week we are so excited to have Kamal Dhillon with us at Alderbrook. If you remember, Kamal came and shared her incredible story back in the fall. It was amazing to hear how God not only protected her and her children from her abusive husband, but what God is doing in her life and opening doors to share about Jesus Christ. We are having her back because so many people said to me that they wished that they had invited a family member, neighbour or work associate. Well, now is you chance. Please be praying with me that God will draw many people to Alderbrook this Sunday to hear the story of the ” Black and Blue Sari”.
Looking ahead…do you know that April 13th is Palm Sunday? I always have a special place in my heart for that date on the calendar. As you look in the Bible, we know that Jesus began his walk to the cross with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It is always so moving for me to think that the people of Jesus’ day were welcoming a political saviour who would free them from Roman oppression…whereas, Jesus had his eyes fixed on the cross to redeem men, women, boys and girls back to God through his painful, brutal and humiliating death. 
Finally, make sure that you are out to church on Easter Sunday, April 20th. We will be having an incredible upbeat time of singing and worship and then after church we will be having a water baptismal service. There will also be an chocolate egg hunt for the children too. You will not want to miss this Sunday….Christ is Risen…He is risen indeed!!
We look forward to seeing you at Alderbrook this Sunday.
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

**New Sermon Series: There’s an App For That

People love Apps! In fact, it seems like there is an app for everything. Over the past few years, over 1 million apps have been developed…Im sure that some of you have that many! Is there an app to grow closer to God? Come and join us as we look at what the Bible has to say about growing closer to God. There might just  be an app for that!!
 April 27th Making Right Choices App

* Kidszone

We are continuing to teach the different choices that shape a kid’s life. This week the kids will be learning about the choice to learn about Jesus.
2 Peter 3:18 says, “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”
Easter is on its way! What are some Easter traditions that your family has? At Alderbrook, on Easter Sunday, we are going to have a Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids. They won’t want to miss it! This is a great opportunity to invite a family that you know our to Church.
If you are able to donate chocolate eggs for the hunt please contact Pastor Austin.

*Outlet Youth

Outlet Youth

April 13th @ Clayburn Middle School from 6-8PM.
Come on out for a fun night of searching for clues and possible chocolate!