ACC @ CBC Sunday, February 1, 2015

I know that the word ‘busy’ is not a great word today. It conjures up the feelings of exhaustion, overwork and being run into the ground.
I was going to describe this Sunday at Alderbrook as ‘busy’….but let me use the words ‘exciting and action-packed’ !! Is that better?

We hope to see you this Sunday at Alderbrook Church. First of all, its Souper Sunday!! I know its the NFL’s Super Bowl Sunday, of which I am a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks, but right after church we hang out and have lunch together. There are many people bringing soups, chili, buns and desserts. Its going to be a great time at Souper Sunday…and remember that the big game doesn’t start until 3:30pm. You’ve got lots of time.

At ACC this week, it’s also Name Tag Sunday. I love the opportunity to get to know everyone’s name…rather than just saying ‘Hey you”!! We always want to keep getting to know each other better. We will also be praying for our Mexico Missions Team that leaves in exactly one week. (Feb 8th-15th). I am so excited for the adults, teenagers and children that are going out from ACC under the leadership of Walt and Sarah Siebert to work/serve at Casa De Luz. Wow…its going to be exciting.

This Sunday I want to continue our series that we started in January titled, “The New Rules of Resolution.” We have been learning from the Bible what we need in order to produce change in our lives. Remember what Billy Graham replied when asked if he would make one resolution? He said that he wanted to be more and more like Jesus! This Sunday is Fact #3 “I Don’t Have To Let People Drag Me Down”. Are there those people that aggravate, bother or tick you off? Are there those type of people outside your family too?? (just kidding),. Join us this Sunday as we look into the Bible… not to make a resolution, but to make life transformation.

See you at Souper Sunday!!

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

ps Go Seahawks

*Sermon: The New Rules of Resolution

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In Kidzone we are in the middle of our series called ‘Journey With Jesus’ and discovering where Jesus went, what Jesus taught and how it is relevant today.

This Sunday, Jesus is in Galilee and we see that we can call on Jesus for help! “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” PHILIPPIANS 4:6
Ask your kids this Sunday what Jesus did in Galilee!
The Red Room is learning all the books of the Bible!  Listen to the song, “Books of the Bible,” and practice at home.


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Upcoming Events:
Extreme Games Night – Sunday Night! – An awesome night of games at Creekside Centre 
35131 Straiton Road – 6:30-8pm

High School Hangout – February 8th – Embree’s house 6:30-8pm