ACC @CBC July 26, 2015




Hello everyone,

What a scorcher last Sunday huh?
Right after church we headed up to Cultus Lake for some boating and a picnic lunch. It was so refreshing being by the waters edge and just hanging out with the ACC family for the afternoon. A huge thank you to the Lode family for bringing their boat up to the lake….you guys are awesome!!

This Sunday we have a special surprise…and this family is not only “special”…but it’s a surprise that they are with us. Two years ago, Andrew and Michelle Potts, along with their children, Kate and Malachi headed off to Zambia to do missions work. We thought that we wouldn’t see them during their three year term in Africa. However, the Potts had to come back to Canada for a family wedding…and this Sunday they are going to be with us at Alderbrook. If you are new to ACC over the past two years, you are going to love this family and also their heart for missions. We can hardly wait to see them and to see hear about their work in Zambia and to see how much their beautiful children have grown!!

This Sunday Becca Toews and the music team will be leading the singing and worship.
The coffee and bagels will be on and I want to conclude our message series called #Struggles, with a sermon that focuses on dealing with our pride. I’m sure that most of us would say that we don’t really have an issue (or struggle) with pride. (After all, we are Canadian and usually quite humble aren’t we !!) But do you know that anytime that we brush God aside and do things on our own…that we can slip into pride? Anytime that we ‘erase’ God off the whiteboard of our lives, we begin to let pride slip in thinking that we have all the answers. This is the last message in the series about how to “live a Christ-focused life in a selfie-centered world”.

Finally, make sure that you pray for the Mexico Team this week and their ministry/outreach at Casa De Luz. May God work through them and in their lives while they are away.
See you on Sunday.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl


In Kidzone we are nearing the end of a series called ‘Agents in Action’ offering kids the thrill of accomplishing daily missions for God. Your children will develop an understanding of how to live as God’s disciples as they meet the challenges and choices they face in today’s world.

This Sunday’s daily mission is ‘make and keep friends’. Obeying God’s command to treat others like I want to be treated will help me make and keep friends! “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12

Ask your kids this Sunday about the widows in need


Upcoming Summer Events:

August 11th — Lindemn Lake Hike @9:00am-4:00pm. Meet at CBC
August 18th — Cultus waterpark @3-8pm. CBC at 2:30
August 25th — Movie Night @7-9pm. Pastor Austin’s House