ACC @ CBC May 8, 2016 Happy Mother’s Day!

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 12.54.47 AMIt’s a special Sunday at Alderbrook. It’s Mothers Day and we always love celebrating the ladies of our church. We have a special gift for all the women of our church.
Isn’t it amazing the incredible women that we have at ACC and the ministry, outreach and leadership that they bring? It’s incredible. I am so thankful for the women at ACC who teach/train our children and youth ages, sing on the worship teams, serve on our leadership team, lead mission trips and preach on Sundays!!
Again, we have such incredible woman at ACC who are using their God-given gifts and talents to grow the church. You ladies rock!!

This Sunday, Cheryl will be preaching and I know that I say it every time she speaks: you can’t miss this Sunday. I know that God has placed a word deep in her heart and that it will be timely for each person.
We are also so excited to have the Potts family back home in Canada (three years in Zambia, Africa doing mission work) and can hardly wait to hear their report of their time on the continent of Africa.
We are going to have cake…a “welcome back home cake”…..but also to celebrate all the moms and ladies of ACC.

Its going to be a great Sunday. We look forward to seeing you in church.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl


May 8th Cheryl speaking
May 15th Glenn speaking on Heaven

*New Sermon Series: “REHAB–Healing the Hurts in Life”

As children we often scraped our knee’s bumped our heads, bruised our arms…and usually mom would come and embrace us, kiss our injury and let us know that everything would be okay.
But what happens as we grow older and the accidents get bigger. Or what about some of the habits, actions or words that we use…that actually hurt other people? We all have been hurt as adults in life, but if we are honest…as adults we have hurt other people too. Maybe its a careless action, an unkind word (or many words) or destructive habits that we just haven’t been able to shake or let go.
God knows exactly what to do…it’s sort of a ‘spiritual rehab’….

May 22  The Fine Art of Whining
May 29   Fixing My Anger Problem
June 5  Getting Blindsided
June 26   Being Deceived

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Hope everyone had a great date night Friday!

We are looking forward to Mother’s Day this week! We always love encouraging the kids to do something special for their mom as they most certainly deserve a day devoted to appreciate them!”



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Middle School


This Sunday morning we will be starting a new 3 part series called “The Speed of Light.” In this series, we take a look into the lives of three teenagers brought together for a class project. If only life were as simple as a class project! These three teens: Lucas, Hailey, and Jackson, have to get through some major challenges in life. Through these challenges, we’ll discover how we can get through our own, real-life challenges. So don’t miss this series!!!



High School

This is the last Youth Alpha! We will be watching and discussing episode #12-Church and what it means to be a part of the church. We hope to see everyone out!!!