ACC December 10, 2017

Hi everyone,
Its only 15 days until Christmas!! Either that is a really scary thought (with all the things you need to finish)… or you are in a pleasant place of denial (LOL !!). Actually, you could be in a third place … and that would be one where you recognize that Christmas is a very busy season, yet you are reasonable and intentional about what Christmas is all about. Let’s go with that !!

Actually, in Luke 2:19 we know that Bethlehem was not only a busy place, (remember ‘no room in the inn’) but also after the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph had shepherds, wisemen and even angels come to visit. Can some of you young mothers identify with that?? Yet it states that ‘Mary treasured ..and pondered all of these things in her heart’.  Not only was Mary reflective, I believe she was thankful, worshipful and completely focused on her baby, the Jesus, the Christ-child. Emmanuel God with us.

What does that look like for you this Christmas? How can you reflect, ponder and take time to think about the great significance of Christmas?

This Sunday we are so excited to have our children present their Kidzone Christmas Play. I want to thank Allie Vanderkooy, Brittani Johnson and all of the Kidzone staff for your ministry to our children throughout the whole year.

This Sunday is also Souper Sunday, a time where we as a community of Alderbrook Church have a meal together. It’s always a highlight and such a great way to connect with people.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

ps Mark you calendars for ACC’s Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (Sunday December 24th 5-6pm)
(There will be no morning service on Sunday Dec 24th)

December 10 – There is no Middle School Youth because of the children’s Christmas play! However, we will be running Middle School the following week.

December 11 – Outlet Youth is running in CBC room 109 from 6:30-8:30. We are continuing through the “Skate it Off” series!

December 15 – We are running our BIG event for December, a Youth Group Lock-In with Philadelphia Youth Group! 8am – 8pm, drop off at CBC, pickup at Denny’s (Simon Ave). No set cost but make sure kids bring money for breakfast (“Pancake puppies” are cheapest thing at Denny’s and cost $4).

December 17 – Middles School Youth is running in the Orange Room. Join us for some fun as we learn to “Skate it Off!”.