Sunday, May 12th || Alderbrook Church

Hi everyone,
Happy Mothers Day!!
Its that one day of the year that Hallmark cards and the flower shops absolutely love…it’s Mothers Day.

Here are a couple of fun facts about this very special day.

1. Mothers Day is the third most popular holiday, behind only Christmas and Easter.
2. More phone calls are made on Mothers Day than any other day.
3. Women purchase 80% of Mothers Day Cards (Cheryl are you reading this?)
4. In what was formerly Yugoslavia, children would tie up their mother on Mothers Day. The only way that she could be freed would be to “pay” her children with candy and treats!
5. Many of the trademark sweaters that Mr Rodgers wore on his television show, were knitted by his real mother.

By the list above it reminds us that mom’s are pretty special (although I wouldn’t suggest the fourth one!!)
This Sunday, Cheryl will be sharing at church and she is going to have a panel with Thresa Mondhe and Jane Valcourt.
We want to honor the mothers, and in fact all of the women at Alderbrook Church. We appreciate all of you so much!!

Also, the ACC Youth are getting ready to attend Historymakers Conference at the end off the month. They have a final fundraiser…a bake sale this Sunday right after church.
So, if you get your mom a card and some flowers, the youth have some baking that you can surprise Mom (just helping you look good in front of Mom).

We look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

May 12th: Cheryl will be sharing along with Tresa and Marla. 


Important Events This Month

Membership Class – Our next member ship class will be on Tuesday, May 28th at 7pm. If you are interesting, fill out a connection card and place it in the offering.

Baby Shower – On Sunday June 2nd, we will be having a baby shower for Erin at 1pm, a luncheon at the Embree’s. For more information, please see Cheryl, Maria, or Kate. All ladies are welcome!

Water Baptism – Our next baptism service is scheduled for June 2nd. If you’re interested in being baptized by water, fill out a connection card and place it in the offering.


Sundays at Kidzone

This week in Kidzone we continued to learn more about the Lord’s Prayer. The verse was “This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed he your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today, our daily bread” Matthew 6:9-11 This weeks main focus was about how God can provide for all of our needs and all we have to do is ask him.

Purple Room: Ages 0-1   Green Room: Ages 1-3   Yellow Room: Ages 4-7 Red Room: Ages 8-11

Kids Zone Director: Cassidy


This Sunday in the Youth Room

Remember that the ACC Outlet Youth Room is open every Sunday before and after church.  Come hang out!

Middle School students meet in the orange room – May 12th this month.

Youth Alpha

Sunday’s 5:30-7:30: Meet that the CBC Campus to learn about God, play some games, and eat some snacks.

Youth Activity

May 12: Bake Sale after service – fundraiser for History Maker

May 24-26: History Maker – all weekend


Youth Director: Jared

Youth Staff: Ty, Liam, and Brendan.