Sunday, February 2 || Alderbrook Church

Hi everyone,
Its Groundhog Day and according to legend, if the groundhog comes out of his hole and doesn’t see his shadow …spring will arrive early.
I’m sure that you know that I’m going to drag that groundhog out of his hole and then throw a blanket/cover over him as soon as possible.
No shadow…spring is on its way!! (LOL)

If only life was that simple right?
This Sunday I want to begin a new series titled. Let It Go !!…and it would be so easy just to throw a blanket over our lives and anticipate an early Spring.
However, the fact is that our lives get cluttered and overwhelmed, keeping us from the plan/design that God has intended…six more weeks of winter!!
This Sunday we want to look at ‘Letting Go of Busyness’. Is it possible? Is it attainable? How do we slow down?
We are going to look at God’s Word and the insight and instruction about living into the way that God wants.
But I need to warn you…you may need to “let go of a few things”.

See you this Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl


Sermon Series

February 2nd: Glenn Embree – Let It Go – Part 1: Letting Go of My Busyness


Important Events This Month


New series …Let It Go !!
Our lives get cluttered, broken and overwhelmed, keeping us from the plan/design that God has intended.
Is God’s way possible? Is it attainable? God’s Word gives us the insight and instruction about living how God wants us to live.
But be warned you…you may need to “let go of a few things”.
February 2nd  Letting Go of Busyness
February 9th  Letting Go of Attitudes
March 1st Letting Go When I’ve Been Wronged

Souper Sunday – Our next Souper Sunday will be Sunday, February 9th. This is such a great event to have lunch together and to get to know the ACC family better. Sign up on the clipboards this Sunday!


Sundays at Kidzone

Green Room: Ages 1-preK   Yellow Room: Grades K-2 Red Room: Grades 3-5

Happy February!

Last week the kids had the opportunity to trade their Bible Bucks for prizes! In Kidzone, the children have the opportunity to receive Bible Bucks when they are able to recite the weekly verse to one of the teachers. The last Sunday of each month, we open up the Bible Bank and the children are able to trade their Bible Bucks for prizes!

This week’s verse is:

“…..Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people.” Matthew 14:19b 

Kidzone Director: Rebecca



This Sunday in the Youth Room

Middle School students meet in the orange room – February 9th & 23rd

Youth Alpha

Sunday’s 5:30-7:30: Meet that the CBC Campus to learn about God, play some games, and eat some snacks.

Youth Activity


May 22-24, 2020. Registration open now! For more information, ask Jared or Ty.


Youth Director: Jared

Youth Assistant: Ty

Youth Staff: Liam and Brendan.