Sunday, January 17 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

We know that a brand new year usually brings hope, optimism and fresh starts/new beginnings. However as we have started 2021, most of us are aware of the COVID daily numbers, the various restrictions and lockdowns and a whole lot of political turmoil around the world.

It’s hard not to be feeling somewhat down or even depressed…. but have you been focused on the daily news or on God? 

The past few weeks we’ve been in a sermon series at Alderbrook titled, “Tune Into God”, which has been focusing on the way and means that God speaks to us and directs our lives. 

This Sunday we want to look at “Having the Right Equipment”. Did you know that we need certain things in our lives to hear God communicate to us? Do you know that God wants to communicate and talk to us?

The BC Health restriction of ‘faith groups’ gathering in a public space is to be reviewed on Friday, February 5th, 2021. As the restrictions remain in place we will be offering one (1) Sunday Zoom service that will start at 10 am.

Click on the following link to attend the 10am Sunday Zoom service:

This week…let’s remember:

God closed the mouth of lions-Daniel

God parted the Red Sea-Moses

God made the sun stand still-Joshua

God opened a prison door-Peter

God put a baby in a mothers arms-Sarah

God raised a person from the dead-Lazarus

(God can certainly take care of you!!)

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

January 17th: Tune Into God – Do I Have the Right Equipment to Hear God? by Glenn Embree


Missions Emphasis – MCC (Shelley)

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Important Events

January Birthdays:

2nd Amelia Hamm, 7th Don Berg, 10th Erling Lassesen, 13th Martha Lassesen, 18th Allyssa Hutchison, 24th Kate Soeten

January Anniversaries:

6th Vic and Cheryl Kaay

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Kidzone Director: Cassidy

Kids can log on to the church zoom service at 9:30 to enjoy a short lesson with Cassidy before the main service begins at 10:00

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Youth will be meeting virtually on Wednesday nights at 6:30 through the “Discord” app during this time

**Any questions can be directed to Jared or Ty**

Youth Director: Jared

Youth Assistant: Ty

Youth Staff: Liam and Brendan.