Sunday, April 25 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

The days are getting longer and the weather is so nice. We hope that you’ve been enjoying some outdoor activities. We want to thank you for your participation on Zoom Church each Sunday. We know that as the restrictions continue that it’s hard, but we believe that God wants to meet us as a church every single week.

This Sunday we continue our series called ‘RESET’…most people are looking for a ‘new normal’ once the pandemic and restriction cease. Will we ever get back to the way things were? Are we supposed to go back to how we’ve always done things? Do we need a ‘new normal’ or should we be looking at a ‘renewed normal’?

April 25th RESET…when you’re misunderstood

May 2nd RESET…when you’re tempted

May 9th Mothers Day with Cheryl Embree

May 16th RESET…when you’re lonely

May 23rd RESET …when you’re feeling sad

The latest news and order from our BC Government and BC Health Organization is not allowing in-house gatherings for churches. Due to the present restrictions on gathering at the church we will be offering one (1) Sunday Zoom service that will start at 10 am.

Click on the following link to attend the 10am Sunday Zoom Service:

Remember the Kidzone happens on Zoom every Sunday from 9:30am-9:45am

See you this Sunday on Zoom.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

April 25th: RESET – When You’re Misunderstood by Glenn Embree

Important Events

April Birthdays:

27th Nancy Barr, 28th Justin Boudreau & Kristen Baker, 29th Brad Hutchison, 30th Jared Embree

May Birthdays:

2nd Kallista Valcourt, Angela Sheur & Preston Giesbrecht, 3rd Cheryl Kaay & Jonah Street, 6th Emil Hamm, 13th Raph Hamm, 15th Georgia Moore, 18th Nathan Chernoff, 21st Curtis Buckley, 29th Mariah Hutchison, 31st Rebecca Siebert

April Anniversaries:

6th Don and Janice Berg, 28th Brittani and Everett Johnson, 28th Phil and Jessica Whitta

May Anniversaries:

6th Anne and Harry Huisman, 15th James and Sharon Moore

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Kidzone Director: Cassidy

Kids can log on to the church zoom service at 9:30 to enjoy a short lesson with Cassidy before the main service begins at 10:00

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Youth will be meeting virtually on Wednesday nights at 6:30 through the “Discord” app during this time

**Any questions can be directed to Jared or Ty**

Youth Director: Jared

Youth Assistant: Ty

Youth Staff: Liam and Brendan

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