Welcome to Alderbrook Community Church

We want to welcome you to Alderbrook Church. Our main hope is that you to come to praise the Lord with us for who you are. We want to be real; to have fun together, to build relationships and community, and most importantly to connect with one another. Find out more about us around our site... we hope to see you soon!

Youth & Children

Alderbrook Community Church offers many options for youth and children to enjoy and make friendships, together. With our middle and high school youth groups, the kidzone, and even our missions programs, we believe in the importance of helping our youth, children and teenagers grow in their faith and relationship with God. The goal through this is to create an enjoyable yet beneficial environment, please do give it a try!

We Value Community

At Alderbrook, we believe that our relationship with God and with others is a priority. Through everything we do in our lives, serving and working for the Lord should always hold priority. To understand what a relationship with God means for us, we are all learning together. We cannot promise the answers to all questions and do not have superior knowledge in any way, but our greatest hope is to grow together as a community,…


10 am at Columbia Bible College

The BC Public Health office has made masks mandatory for those attending church.

 If you are away or unable to attend church, why not join us using the Zoom link below:


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We look forward to seeing you soon!