What Can I expect When I Come

Alderbrook wants you to come just as you are. We want to be real…we want to have fun…and we want to connect. We are very focused on our vision and goals and connecting with people is a top priority. We place a high value on kids (Check out our Children’s Ministry) and your children will be glad they came. There are lots of fun games, activities and lessons designed especially for kids. For the adults there is a great music band, as well as relevant and inspiring messages…hey, we even have a coffee break, called Coffee and Connect 4:59. We are here every Sunday at 10am. See you soon!

Have a question before you come? Ask us. We would love to talk with you.

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Our Story

Alderbrook Church is just a teenager when it comes to churches. We started as a church in 2001 at Dave Kandal school in Abbotsford. After nine years in Center Ice, a sports and recreation complex, more space was required so in July 2013 we moved to our present location on the campus of Columbia Bible College.


We are a pretty laid back group that intentionally desires to follow the commands of Jesus in loving God and loving others. We are a young church with lots of children under the age of twelve, however there is something for every age, background and story.


Our Core Values

Our core values simply mean the `things or the stuff that Alderbrook Church gets excited or passionate about. We really don`t care about the color of the carpet ..but we do get excited about these..


  • People matter to God and to us…especially kids!
  • The message of Jesus can transform anybody`s life
  • Our desire is to fully follow Jesus Christ
  • Our church must function in a real and relevant way.
  • People must be treated with love and respect.
  • People need to be connected to a caring community
  • Every person has a God-designed purpose on this earth


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