Telling the Good News

Missions is a high priority at Alderbrook, and in fact, our desire is to follow God’s commands
as He desires us to not only touch our city but to also think and act globally. Short term mission
trips are regularly provided at Alderbrook to various places around the world.
We also have three (3) couples that have partnered with ACC in fulfilling the Great Commission
that God has given us.


• David and Phyllis Rathjen (Multi Media Ministries)

• David and Shirley McLauren (Multi Cultural Ministries)

• Kris and Paulette Baker (Dunamis Ministries)

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Date: July 23-30 2017
Place: Primo Tapia, Mexico
More information: Jeannine Lode
Check out where they are heading – Casa de luz

Fiji Missions

Church building in late August to early September

For more information speak to David Rathjen