ACC @ CBC July 13, 2014

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Hello everyone,

The summer heat is here!!
We have been waiting for months for the sun and heat to arrive…and now we’ve got it!
We hope that you have been able to find an oasis, a place that’s cool…and a place that you can enjoy the weather.
I’ve got a place in mind….what about Alderbrook Church?? It’s an oasis, and a pretty cool place…and I believe that you can also enjoy the weather due to the incredible big windows that let light into our church. Do I sound convincing enough?? Haha
This Sunday we have the coffee and bagels on. Maybe we should put the slurpee’s and ice tea out, right? Gregg will be leading the singing, worship and music. Austin, Becca and the Kidzone team have a great morning planned for all the kids.
I will be continuing our series titled, End Times…Are We There Yet? This week we are looking at the topic, ‘What Does The Bible Have To Say About Israel?’ Have you noticed the turmoil and events that have sparked in Israel this week? I have a friend who is a pastor in Israel and has been posting on his Facebook page about the rockets that have been launched towards Israel by the extremist Hamas these past few days. It’s scary and frightful…and this Sunday we are going to look at what the Bible has to say about Israel today.
After church this Sunday, we invite you to join us up at Cultus Lake. Bring your picnic lunch or stop at Subway. We have a couple of boats and it’s going to be fun. Come and enjoy the beach and hang out with the ACC family. Meet at Entrance Bay and look for the ACC crowd. 
Finally, will you be faithful in your giving to God and the church over the summer months. For most churches, the finances get lean over the summer because people are travelling and vacationing ..which I wholeheartedly support. Do you know that if you are away that you can still give ? Check out our online giving on the ACC website.
Enjoy the heat. Grab a Popsicle or Slurpee…see you on Sunday.
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

*New Sermon Series: “The End Times… Are We There Yet?”

There are a lot of crazy things happening in our world today. Is this the “End Times”? What does the Bible actually say about the End Times? The Bible gives a lot of information about some of the ‘signs of the times’ and events taking place before Jesus comes back. Come and find out and see…….if we are there yet!!

June 22 The Crazy Signs of the Times
June 29 Who Will Be the Anti-Christ?
July 6 Can I Trust the Bible for End Time Information?
July 13 What Does the Bible Say about Israel?
July 20 What Does the Bible Say about the Middle East?

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In Kidzone we are finding Jesus in the stories of Moses. This Sunday the kids will learn about ultimate provision and how we can trust god to provide our needs. God provided for the needs of the Israelites. Jesus provides what I need every day! “My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Let’s pray this week that our kids will know that Jesus is our ultimate provider!

*Kidzone Day Camp: Thursday

Make sure you make it down to CBC this Thursday for our Kidzone Day Camp. From 9am-12pm we will be singing fun songs, playing great games, and geting wet in the sun. For all kids going into kindergarden to those going into grade 5. It is going to be a blast!

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