ACC @CBC January 4, 2014



I know that most of you are asking the same question I am…where did 2014 go?


It just seemed that this past year flew by…and here we are in a brand new year.

This Sunday we are excited to have Cal and Chrissy Krahn leading the music. I am so thankful for all of our musicians, sound and tech teams that have been so faithful every Sunday. Take some time this week to prepare your heart before coming to church. God wants to do something amazing in our lives and in our church…let’s make sure we are ready.

I also want to start a brand new series called, ‘The New Rules of Resolutions”….looking at the facts that “change the way we change”. Studies and statistics show that most people break their resolutions within a week of making them. We start strong and then fall back into old habits and routines. We need to reframe the way we think about ‘change’ and how to allow God to have more control over these areas and mindset. This Sunday starts the series with a message titled, ‘I Can Change (even) Through The Difficult Times”.

On a final note, I want to say thank you to everyone at ACC for their generosity, love and kindness shown to the homeless community here in Abbotsford. The young adults took nearly 60 presents downtown and set up a tree early on Christmas morning and surrounded it with presents!! Thank you for being a blessing and making this happen. I’m excited about what avenues and doors that God has ready for ACC to go through this year.

See you on the first Sunday of 2015

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl


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With the new year comes a new curriculum series: Journey With Jesus. This exciting 13-week lesson plan takes children on a life-changing adventure as they travel with Jesus through the cities where His ministry came alive!

This week the children will learn what happened to Jesus in the Jordan River and what happened afterwards. The kids will learn that God’s word gives us the strength to do what is right.


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Lots of events coming this new year. Starting with Extreme Games Night next Sunday at Creekside Centre from 6:30-8pm!