ACC @ CBC April 17, 2016

I IMG_1475know I’m a little biased, but I think we have the greatest Middle School and Highschool students on the planet !! I was so excited to hear all of the interviews of those who attend Youth Alpha. I believe that God is doing something terrific in the lives of our teenagers at Alderbrook. Thank you Joel and Hanna for the leadership that you are giving. Our youth are awesome!!

This Sunday as we gather together we need to remember how fortunate we are to meet up at church. It is always so encouraging to see the kids running into church and giving me a high-five. We had a few toddlers do a face-plant before getting to the front door, but my motto has always been that  ‘ya pick them up, dust them off …and they are ready to go again’. I also love seeing the community that takes place at our church…that’s why we do coffee 4:59 every Sunday. We all need a good cup of coffee and a bagel, but its awesome to see people connecting with one another. In fact, this Sunday we are going to expand our coffee time and give you some extra time to meet a few more people. Its Coffee 7:11 this Sunday…I wonder if we should serve Slurpees too??

We want to continue our YES/ NO Series with the third message that is titled, ‘Can My Conscience Be My Guide?’ There is somewhat of a feeling in society today that our conscience is an individual preference. What is good for one person is different for the next. If that is true (which I don’t believe), where are we supposed to get the information that feeds our conscience? Should the Bible or our faith be our conscience? Yes? No? We are going to look at the Word of God to see if we need a conscience and if so, how we can develop one for our lives today?

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

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Parents be sure to mark your calendars for Friday May 6th! Drop your kids off at the church at 6pm, pick them up at 9pm! We’ll have an evening full of games, a craft, snack and even a movie. We hope this will create an opportunity for parents to have a “night off” if such a thing exists. Maybe go on a date!
On a completely unrelated note to Kidzone. One of the things I love to do on my time off is volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association. I am fundraising for them by running Vancouver’s BMO marathon May 1st. If you are interested in making a donation or just want to know more please talk to Allie.

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Middle School will be finishing off the series, “Hacked” this Sunday. They have been eagerly awaiting to see where Charlie’s life choices take him.

We only have 4 more episodes left in Youth Alpha but it is definitely not too late to start coming! Every week we feel God’s love pouring into us as we dig deeper into what it means to follow Christ. Last Sunday we discussed the holy spirit . It was incredible for us to see the spirit moving through our conversations with the youth of our church!