ACC @ CBC June 26, 2016 Character Dress Up Day

It was such fun celebrating the Dads (and all the guys ) at Alderbrook last weekend.
I think we should have Rootbeer Floats every second Sunday…and then have a burping contest..(just kidding moms!!)

This Sunday is the fourth day of ACC’s 13 Days of Summer. We are inviting everyone to dress up as their favorite character…and yes adults are encouraged to participate.
Its going to be a lot of fun..and I’m sure a lot of laughs too!!

Gregg and the team will be leading us in singing and worship. I look forward to this time each week when we can come together and lift up the name of Jesus. When we sing, so many things happen in the spiritual realm that many times we are unaware of. I encourage you to come ready and prepared to engage in worship as we give praise to God.
We are also excited to have Kris Baker(and his daughter Kristin) back from their missions trip to the Philippines…I can hardly wait to hear about their incredible experience.

Finally, I want to conclude our REHAB message series with the final sermon titled, ‘Being Deceived’. Too often we get into a rut, a routine or just simply go through the motions. It may seem natural and comfortable, but I believe that God has so much in store for the one who fully pursues God. You will be challenged and inspired by the message.

Have a look at the fun and exciting events of Alderbrook’s 13 Days of Summer
See you on Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

13 DAYS of SUMMER (2016)


26 Character Dress Up Day w Photo Booth

3 Canada Day at ACC Outdoor Service (wear red), Water Baptism, Prayer Walk
10 Waffle Breakfast
17 Popcorn Sunday
24 After church Picnic at Cultus, Boat, Water baptism (Cultus Lake)
31 National Ice Cream Day (Sundaes)

7 Outdoor Service, Prayer Walk, Pizza Lunch,
14 Mini Carnival Games, Slip and Slide
21 Jersey Day
28 Picnic Lunch at W Mill Lake Water park after church

* kids zone

The green and yellow room are studying the fun story of Noah’s Ark! The red room are wrapping up their series on kids most commonly asked question about God.

* outlet youth

Middle School

This Sunday morning we will be getting together in room 204 to dig deeper into our new series “Overrated.”
Teenagers today are so busy and have so much going on. In this day and age it’s so difficult for students to really understand what it means to slow down and spend time with God. Spending time with God really is a lost value in a world where busyness equates to success. Episode #2 will help us to learn and understand the importance and value of spending time with God in our busy lives.

High School

Wednesday night High School Youth is over for the summer. We will be starting up again on Wednesday September 14th.


This Sunday evening we will be getting together for our youth wrap-up before the summer. We will be having a BBQ and Pool Party. Parents are more then welcome to stay. The main course is provided but if you are able to, please bring buns, salad, dessert or an appetizer. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit and towel ?. The address is #1777 Townline Road.
Please RSVP by Friday and let us know how many from your family will be coming and what you are able to bring.