ACC @ CBC January 8, 2017



Hi everyone,
I’ve never lived on the Prairies, and in fact could easily say that I don’t have any desire either.
These past few weeks of continual snow, wind and plummeting temperatures reminds me why I like the West Coast so much. It also makes me wonder whatever happened to global warming?

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at church this Sunday, especially after we had to cancel last weekend. Andrew and the music team will be leading in worship/singing; we will also be having communion together which is always such a beautiful and significant time together as a church family. It is also so exciting to be able to introduce our new Youth Directors to you this Sunday. I am so excited and thrilled to be able to make this announcement. Joel and Hanna Soeten have done such an incredible job with the youth over this past year. In fact, we are going to have a couple of “thank you cakes” on Sunday Jan 15th to thank them for a great job done. You will be excited to meet this new couple that are coming to work with our middle school and high school students…

I also want to start a brand new sermon series titled, What’s The Difference? There are many different beliefs in Canada, even here in Abbotsford. What is the difference? Don’t all roads lead to heaven? What does the Bible say? This Sunday we start as we look at “Jehovah Witnesses”.
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl
ps mark your calendars for Souper Sunday (Jan 29th)















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We will have our final(with Joel and I as Directors)Middle School Youth get together this Sunday, January 8th in the Orange Room right after coffee 4:59.
We will have our final(with Joel and I as directors)High School Youth Night on Wednesday, January 11th from 7-8:30pm at CBC. Drop off will be in the church parking lot.