ACC May 27, 2018

Hi everyone,

Did you enjoy the Long weekend last week? We really need to honour a few more famous people and try and get some more holidays on our calendar huh? LOL. I’ll start working on that right away……

This Sunday Gregg will be leading the music/worship. It’s always so incredible to sing together and proclaim the incredible awesome power of God through our singing, huh? Sometimes I just listen to the church (yes you!!) sing and praise God–it sends shivers up and down my spine!! Would you come prepared and ready for what God wants to do this Sunday at Alderbrook Church?

This week we finish the message series on the book of Revelation: Breaking the Code. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have loved preparing for it. It has been a real treat to spend the last six weeks just focusing on End Time events. Jesus is coming soon; keep watch, get prepared and fix your eyes on Jesus!! This Sunday we will be looking at ‘What Does the Bible Say About the Middle East?’ In light of the past few weeks and the United States of America moving their embassy to the city of Jerusalem, what does the Bible say about what will happen in the Middle East in the end times?

Will you also mark your calendars for Sunday June 3rd? We want to honor our grads…all ten (yes-10) of them!! We have six highschool grads and four college grads. What a great accomplishment as we honor them next Sunday!!

See you this Sunday at ACC
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

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