ACC August 12, 2018

Hi everyone,
I hope that you had a great long weekend and now most families are counting off the days Labor Day, ’cause that means that school starts up again. Enjoy the rest of the summer, make sure that you take some time for the family and friends. Why not grab the kids and head off to Dairy Queen for an ice cream!! (the ACC kids told me to say that !!)

This Sunday, Cheryl and I, along with our kids are away,…but there is a great service planned at Alderbrook this Sunday. First of all, Andrew Potts is leading the music/worship. …I love Andrew’s heart for Jesus!! Wasn’t that great last week when at the end of the service we gathered together at the front and just sang praise to God. I was so moved as I just listened to your worship to God.

Secondly, it is such a privilege to have Cary Chernoff come and speak again at Alderbrook. I am so blessed …when we gained the “best son-in-law” in the world, little did we know that there would be an extra bonus and that Nathan’s parents, Cary and Marla were a part of the marriage package. You will be so inspired by Cary’s message because he lives out the Bible in real life. I know that he will have an encouraging and exciting message for every single person at ACC. You will not want to miss Sunday.

Finally, did you know that it’s National Chocolate Chip Day?!? I didn’t, but our summer staff did …so they will be baking up some great chocolate chip cookies for this Sunday!! Come to ACC and have some cookies and milk!!

We miss the ACC family and will be praying as you gather together this Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl