ACC December 9, 2018

Hi everyone,
It’s coming closer…the kids realize it and I’m sure that everyone else recognizes that Christmas is almost here.
As we move into the middle of December most people are thinking of their school break, family time and of course, shopping time.

This Sunday is the second Advent as we will be focusing on ‘Peace’. That’s always been an interesting one for me ’cause first of all I absolutely hate to shop, and second of all…the malls are not ‘peaceful, but chaotic’ during the Christmas season.
Again, I’m a person that loves Christmas and my challenge (along with everyone else) is how to put Christmas (Christ’s birth) into perspective.

One of the most wonderful times for families is Christmas…and one of the most stressful time for Christmas is families.
It’s all about our relationships ( our children, our parents, our church, our work, our neighbours). This Sunday we want to continue our series “Uncomplicating Christmas ” with a message that’s titled, ‘Peace in the Middle of Difficult Relationships”…we all need it at one time or another.

Would you also mark your calendar with two dates?
Sunday Dec 16th is our Kidzone presentation, plus a Waffle Breakfast that starts at 10am. Remember to also bring food for the Joshua House (a great group of guys!!)
Monday Dec 24th is our Christmas Eve/Candlelight Service from 5-6pm.

See you at church this Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Important Events This Month

  • December 16 – Christmas Talent Show and pancake breakfast
  • December 24 – Candle light Service 5-6pm

This Sunday at Kidzone


Wow December has some so quick! We are looking forward to our Christmas Production, which is taking place December 16. If your child is in the Talent Show or reading one of the symbols, we was that they be at church at 8:30am for rehearsals to go over timing and the order. In Sunday school we are doing Christmas-themed lessons, and this week’s verse is Psalm 51:7 Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

Purple Room: Ages 0-1   Green Room: Ages 1-3   Yellow Room: Ages 4-7 Red Room: Ages 8-11

Kids Zone Directors: Rebecca and Cassidy

This Sunday in the Youth Room

Remember that the ACC Outlet Youth Room is open every Sunday before and after church.  Come hang out!


Youth Director: Jared Embree

Youth Staff: Isabella, Liam, Brendan and Nolan