ACC Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hello everyone,
Wow…who knew???
The Mexico Team has been in Primo Tapia this past week and have been watching the snowfall schedule and the school closures in Abbotsford this past week.
Maybe you should sign up for a Missions trip next year…LOL …just kidding!!Thank you so much for praying and upholding the team in prayer. We have appreciated all of the prayer support for our team. We’ve been having a great week of ministry at Casa De Luz and it is so wonderful knowing that our church is standing behind us in prayer!!This Sunday at Alderbrook, Gregg will be leading the worship/music. Again, I want to thank all of our musicians, sound and power point techs , coffee prep team, etc..for the incredible work that you do every single week.  Kris Baker will be sharing as a part of the STORIES Series…Everyone Has a Story. You will not want to miss out this Sunday.The Mexico Team will be travelling home today and again, thank you for covering us in prayer! We have appreciated it. We have a lot of ‘stories and testimonies’ to share.

I hope that the snow melts soon from the streets of Abbotsford. I’ve been careful to put on the sunscreen here in Mexico!!

Pastor G and the team in Mexico