Sunday, September 27 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

We’ve almost made it through the month of September … I hope that the kids and youth have adapted back to school this fall and that all is well …. let’s keep praying for our schools, teachers, care homes, health care workers, etc…
This Sunday I want to finish our series on, “Good News” which is probably something that we need to keep reminding ourselves about, right?. This week we want to look at what is the difference between a ‘good Christian life’ and ‘spiritual transformation’?

Will you sign up for our church services at the CBC chapel (Sept 27th…also October Sundays are also available)

Please sign up early, so that we know how many services to offer to accommodate everyone. ***We don’t want to turn anyone away from church because you forgot to sign up. Due to the limit of 50 people in the building, everyone will be required to sign up online.
Kidzone (weekly) and Middle school youth (Sept 27th) will be offered at the 9:30am service only.

Click on the following link to attend the 9:30am Sunday Zoom service:

Click on the following link to attend the 11am Sunday Zoom:


We look forward to seeing you at the chapel or on Zoom this Sunday.
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

September 27th: Good News

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Important Events This Summer

September Birthdays:

1st Emma Erickson, 2nd Tresa Mondhe, 8th Sabrina Rutley, 12th Jeannine Lode, 25th Harry Huisman, 28th Ann Huisman 

September Anniversaries:

9th Erling and Martha Lassesen, 13th Walt and Sarah Siebert

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Sundays at Kidzone:

Please note that at this time, Kidzone is only offered during the 9:30am service 🙂

Last week in kidzone, your children and I studied the well known passage in Exodus where Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Isralites go free. This was the second week in the “Bad Guys Of The Bible” curriculum and this coming Sunday we will be taking a closer look at David and Goliath.

Please remember to sign up for the 9:30am kidzone service! I look forward to seeing you all there:)

Please go over this verse with your kids for a chance for them to win a prize! If your children were there on the 20th, ask them to show you the actions that we made up together as a class.

“Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous” Psalm 1:5

Kidzone Director: Cassidy

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This Sunday in the Youth Room:

Middle School students can meet in the orange room during the 9:30am service on the following Sundays in September:

Weekly Youth:

Meet us Tuesday’s at CBC from 6-8pm for youth group!

**Any questions can be directed to Jared or Ty**

Youth Activity:

**Any questions can be directed to Jared or Ty**

Youth Director: Jared

Youth Assistant: Ty

Youth Staff: Liam and Brendan.