Sunday, January 3 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2021…it sounds like a new science -fiction space movie doesn’t it??…but after 2020 anything can happen, right? The past year was not only different in so many ways, but also difficult on so many levels…but consider the following:

Zoom Church-not cancelled

Quiet Time with God-not cancelled

Praying for People-not cancelled

Checking on a Friend-not cancelled

Helping Others-not cancelled

Being the Church-now more than ever!!

Remember that the church is open even if the building we meet in is closed!! We can worship, connect and hear from God’s Word no matter what limitations or restrictions we face. 

This Sunday I want to continue our series called “Tune Into God”. God wants to speak into our lives on a regular basis with encouragement, guidance, direction and insight.

January 3rd Listening For God’s Voice

January 10th How Does God Talk to Me?

January 17th Do I Have the Right Equipment to Hear God?

January 24th Is It Really God’s Voice or Last Night’s Pizza?

Click on the following link to attend the 10am Sunday Zoom service on January 3rd 2021

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday,


Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Ps This Sunday we will also be celebrating Communion together on Zoom. Also, Cassidy will be doing a Kidzone lesson for the children from 9:30am-9:45am…why not log onto Zoom early?

Sermon Series

January 3rd: Tune Into God – Listening For God’s Voice

Important Events

January Birthdays:

2nd Amelia Hamm, 7th Don Berg, 10th Erling Lassesen, 13th Martha Lassesen, 18th Allyssa Hutchison, 24th Kate Soeten

January Anniversaries:

6th Vic and Cheryl Kaay

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Kidzone Director: Cassidy

Kids can log on to the church zoom service at 9:30 to enjoy a short lesson with Cassidy before the main service begins at 10:00

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Youth will be meeting once a week virtually through the app “Discord” during this time

**Any questions can be directed to Jared or Ty**

Youth Director: Jared

Youth Assistant: Ty

Youth Staff: Liam and Brendan.