March 26 || Alderbrook Church Update

Hello everyone,

On Thursday March 25th the BC government gave permission for faith groups to have indoor services over the next seven weeks. On one hand this is good news, however, a number of restrictions were given with this allowance. 

Here are just a few of the key restrictions that we want to draw to your attention:

*50 people can only gather in the building, or 10% of the seating capacity- whichever is less)(The CBC chapel holds approx 280 which would mean that only 28 people could attend)

*Churches have to choose to gather for only four (4) dates between March 28th and May 13th.(There are seven Sundays between these dates)

*There is to be no ‘congregational worship singing; only one worship leader will be permitted to sing.

At Alderbrook we believe that church is all about community, connecting with each other and especially worship/singing. Even though we as a Leadership Team are longing to be back together as a church family under one roof, we feel that these present restrictions, like the ones mentioned above, don’t fit our situation at this present time.

We will continue to offer Zoom church services and also encourage each one to pray that a number of the present restrictions will soon be lifted so that we can gather together.

ACC Leadership Team