ACC @CBC December 15, 2013

Hello everyone,

We had the cold temperatures last week…and then the snow arrived this week!!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas huh?
I hope you enjoyed church last week? Didn’t Sheldon do a great job? As I looked at some of the pictures from last Sunday, especially the one with Gera lighting the Advent candle…it sure made me miss being in church!! Cheryl and I ( along with Derek and Jared ) had a great weekend away and we are excited to be back this Sunday….we can hardly wait!!
This Sunday is not just the Third Sunday of Advent, but it’s also Missions Sunday…doesn’t that fit? Isn’t Christmas all about missions and outreach? Didn’t God send His only Son to the world to draw men, women, boys and girls back home to God? We have complicated ( as well as commercialized ) the simple meaning of Christmas….Jesus came to earth to point people to God.
That’s the final message in our series..” I’m Dreaming of a Simple Christmas”…
Do you know that we can be a part off this mission and outreach at Christmas? Do you realize that around Christmas most people are open to at least coming to church one time? Why not invite someone this Sunday to Alderbrook? Or why not invite them to the Kidzone Christmas musical on Sunday December 22nd…with a Waffle breakfast at 9:15am? Or maybe the Christmas Eve service on Tuesday December 24th with carols, candlelight and special music (5-6pm). 
This Sunday we also are saying farewell to Eric and Leah ( Kaeden and Adley) as they will be leaving for Prince George, while Eric continues his medical practicum. This family has been such a significant part of ACC in the music, Lifegroup and children’s areas. We are sad to see them go, but know that Gods hand is on them as they continue to walk in the plan/design that God has for them…we bless this family.
It’s going to be a great Sunday….see you in church.
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl
Ps We will also be having a bake sale….I love these….with proceeds going to the Philippines Relief Fund….thanks Heather!!

* Sermon: “Wishing You a Simple Christmas”

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Isn`t that how the song goes??…yeah right! Christmas is also the most stressful, busy, hectic and sometimes intense time of the year. We`re not suggesting that banning Christmas is a good idea, but rather seeing Christmas for what it really is…and more importantly, for what it can become. …we wish you a simple Christmas!

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* Kids Zone Updates

For all the families that come early to church we will now have a movie playing prior to the service. The movie will play from 8:45-9:55AM in the Green Room for all the kids that need something to do while their parents are helping on the music team, set-up, or whatever it may be.
Only one more weeks until our Kidzone Christmas production! All the children are doing such a great job practicing. It is going very well and I am so excited for it.
On December 22nd the children will be taking over the service sharing the Christmas story with skits and songs. You do not want to miss it!
Come at 9:15AM for a Waffle breakfast!
We are still looking for a few thing to borrow from people for are Christmas production. If you have one of there items and are able to lend them to the church for the 22nd please email Austin at
• Dress up jewellery (eg. mardi gras beads). Anything for the kings and wise men to look more like rulers.
• Crowns ( 3 for the wise men and 2 for our kings)
• Plastic armour (for our  3 soldiers)
• A couple stuffed sheep for the Shepherds
Quarter Drive Update: We raised over $600! Thanks to all the children that brought their quarters, the bake goods that were sold and the people that gave.

*Outlet Youth:

Outlet Youth

This is our last Sundays that we will be talking about Jesus when he was twelve. The same age as some of our middle school youth. We are finishing a series that is dissecting seven words that Jesus said in his teens: “I must be about my fathers business”.

*A Kidzone Christmas and…. Waffle Breakfast at 9am, December 22!

If Christmas is for children…you will enjoy “A Kidzone Christmas“. The kids of Alderbrook will be telling the Christmas story through music and song…you never know what to expect. But then again, did people really know what to expect when Jesus was born in Bethlehem? You will not want to miss this performance by the ACC kids…or breakfast!!

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