ACC @ CBC December 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

Its getting close to Christmas!!

Most people have been counting down the days until Christmas..and here we are with under a week to go!!

I am so thankful for online shopping…I just don’t have the same ‘spiritual gift’ that Cheryl has to venture into a store/mall with a bunch of crazy people.

I hope that you are having a ‘Simple Christmas’….and even though there are many things on your list, my prayer is that you have been able to get some focus, clarity and perspective of what Christmas is all about. Last night Cheryl and I headed out on a walk…just some time away and a little break to connect with each other. Why not do the same thing with Jesus? Take a few minutes (or an hour) and just ponder, reflect and worship the incredible gift that has been given to us. Emmanuel…God with us!!

This Sunday at Alderbrook is going to be great. First of all, the Waffle Breakfast starts at 9:15am…so why not load up the mini van and head over to the church for a complimentary breakfast? This Sunday we are so excited to have a Kidzone Christmas….this is always such a highlight of the year. I love seeing the kids sing, do skits and tell the most incredible story of Jesus being born. I want to thank Austin and Becca Toews for the leadership, time and energy that they give to our Kidzone and Outlet Youth kids. They are a gift to the church and I so appreciate both of them…along with all of the Kidzone teachers and leaders. You are making an eternal difference in the lives of our children.

This Sunday night we are also going ice skating at Abbotsford Recreation Centre from 6:30pm-8pm. I hope to see you and your family there.

Mark you calendars also for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service that takes place next Tuesday from 5-6pm. It is such a fun, celebratory, worshipful and meaningful one hour service.

There will be carols, the advent, stories for the kids, videos, candy canes and a time to worship Jesus Christ. Why not invite a family member or neighbor?

Over this next week remember your focus…put Jesus first and everything else, I believe will fall into place (Matt 6:33).

We wish you a Merry Christmas, from our family to yours.

God Bless,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Cynthia and Nathan, Gregg, Derek and Jared

* Sermon: “Wishing You a Simple Christmas”

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Isn`t that how the song goes??…yeah right! Christmas is also the most stressful, busy, hectic and sometimes intense time of the year. We`re not suggesting that banning Christmas is a good idea, but rather seeing Christmas for what it really is…and more importantly, for what it can become. …we wish you a simple Christmas!

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 * New Sermon Series: SOUL DETOX… Clean Living In A Contaminated World

Lots of people make resolutions….less eating, more exercise, spend less, be happy. But does it last? Does it work?

What is getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Soul Detox is not a program…but insight from the Bible about our inner being….our soul.

Check out this new series…it might be time to detox your soul.


January 5 The Restless Soul

January 12 The Troubled Soul

January 26 The Seduced Soul

February 2 The Satisfied Soul

 *Kidzone Christmas!

One more week till Christmas and only four more days until our Kidzone Christmas.
The only costume items that we still are looking for are jewellery to make are kings look fancy and one more crown. If you have any of these things and are able to bring them this Sunday that would be great.  I have not heard back from anyone about their costume so I hope that means that everyone has what they need. Everyone is going to look great!
As far as Sunday goes we are having a full dress rehearsal at 8:00AM for everyone involved in the service, a waffle breakfast at 9:15AM for everyone! and all ready to go for the service starting at 10:00AM.
Thank you all for doing what you can to make this day happen. I am praying that the children will have fun, that the service will put a smile on someone’s face and joy in their heart.