ACC @ CBC January 5, 2014


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!!
Can you believe it? We have already arrived in 2014.

A lot of significant things happened around the world in 2013. There was the Boston Marathon bombing, then the US government decided to close shop for a while. We welcomed Prince George into the world and watched as the Moore Tornado and Haiyan Typhoon disrupted and ended many people’s lives. We witnessed white smoke coming out of the Vatican and tried to find an answer to the Syrian conflict.

I’m sure that a lot of significant things happened in your life ( or your family too). You probably had so many things to accomplish that by the time that December 31st arrived…you just wanted to stop the bus and get off for a bit, right?

This Sunday I want to start a brand new series that will help us kick off 2014…it’s called Soul Detox!! You see, many of of will probably want to shed a few pounds, eat a little healthier, exercise a bit more, be a bit friendlier…and the list goes on and on. Have you ever taken a moment to think about your soul? We don’t talk directly about the soul very often, but maybe we should be. How often do we look to ‘cleanse,fix or detox ‘ the outside…but completely forget about the inside, the eternal, the part that God breathed into our lives?

This Sunday is not about a program or a product…but insight from Gods Word on how to live life from the inside out.
It’s going to be a great Sunday. We look forward to seeing you at Alderbrook Church.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

* New Sermon Series: SOUL DETOX… Clean Living In A Contaminated World

Lots of people make resolutions….less eating, more exercise, spend less, be happy. But does it last? Does it work?

What is getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Soul Detox is not a program…but insight from the Bible about our inner being….our soul.

Check out this new series…it might be time to detox your soul.


January 5 The Restless Soul

January 12 The Troubled Soul

January 26 The Seduced Soul

February 2 The Satisfied Soul


A new year and a new curriculum series for the Yellow and Red Rooms. Over the next thirteen week they will be going over 13 choices that shape kid’s lives. Fun and excitement combined with the discovery of how everyday choices can show our love for and obedience to God. This curriculum is designed to help both pre-school and elementary-age children identify the choices that will help them become a part of God’s family and then live as followers of God.
This weeks choice is to believe in Jesus.

*Outlet Youth

Outlet Youth

In the Orange room we will be starting a series on finding your identity in God.
Outlet Youth nights will start back up on January 19th!