ACC @ CBC January 12, 2014

Hello everyone,

What a great start to 2014…
We had a great Sunday last week as most people returned from the Christmas vacation and the college students returned to school.It was such a good time to be together as we connected not only with each other, but more importantly, with God.
This Sunday is going to be another great time at Alderbrook Church. Gregg will be leading the singing and worship….can I give a “shout out” to all of our musicians. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this valuable area in our church. We appreciate the fact that you come early, stay late…and with hearts after God…you desire to lead us every Sunday deeper into Gods presence. Thank you and may God continue to anoint every singer, drummer, bass and guitar player, piano ….you get the message, we thank you!!
This Sunday I want to continue our new series called ‘ Soul Detox’ with a talk that is titled ‘The Troubled Soul’. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a follower of Jesus for 12 months or 12 years…all of us at one time or another get ‘ troubled ‘. What are we to do ? How are we supposed to act? How can we detox that troubled part of our soul? 
On a really serious note…there are a few families in our church right now that are going through some ‘ troubled times’. I know that you will be praying and holding each other up in prayer…..remember, the Bible tells us to do this.
Speaking of prayer… Why not participate in one of the ACC prayer times in January?
   * Tuesday mornings 5:30am-6:00am
   * Sunday mornings 9:45am-10am (right before church)
   * Thursday January 16th  7-8pm
Thank you for your prayers and support. Bless you!!
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

* New Sermon Series: SOUL DETOX… Clean Living In A Contaminated World

Lots of people make resolutions….less eating, more exercise, spend less, be happy. But does it last? Does it work?

What is getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Soul Detox is not a program…but insight from the Bible about our inner being….our soul.

Check out this new series…it might be time to detox your soul.


January 5 The Restless Soul

January 12 The Troubled Soul

January 26 The Seduced Soul

February 2 The Satisfied Soul


A new year and a new curriculum series for the Yellow and Red Rooms. Over the next thirteen week they will be going over 13 choices that shape kid’s lives. Fun and excitement combined with the discovery of how everyday choices can show our love for and obedience to God. This curriculum is designed to help both pre-school and elementary-age children identify the choices that will help them become a part of God’s family and then live as followers of God.
This weeks choice is to be an example!
Reminder that there is a leaders meeting for anyone that is involved with Kidzone or is wanting to be a part of our great Kidzone team  coming up on January 28th. 

*Outlet Youth

Outlet Youth

In the Orange room we will be starting a series on finding your identity in God.
Outlet Youth nights will start back up on January 19th!