ACC @ CBC January 26, 2014

Hello everyone,

The great weather just keeps on coming!!

I hope you are having a great week. Wasn’t last Sunday incredible? I always love Missions Sunday at Alderbrook..because it reminds us what is important to God….” For God so loved the world ” ….let’s never forget this as a church. 
This Sunday at Alderbrook we want to continue our series called ” Soul Detox”. I’m sure that some of us have tried to stay on track in January with a new diet, a better attitude and generally being a better person. But what about our soul? Have you taken time to clean up, alter or re-ingnite the spiritual part of your life. Throughout this series our main thought has been this: We are not a body with a soul, but we are a soul with a body. This Sunday we look at ‘ detoxing’ the seduced soul. 
We are excited to have Sheldon Kotyk back from his trip to the Orient…and he will be telling about some exciting ministry ventures. Plus, the ACC Mexico team is getting ready to leave in just a few weeks. Mark your calendars for Sunday Feb 2nd for we will be praying for and commissioning the whole team, and then after church everyone will be treated to a scrumptious ‘ Mexican meal’….and yes, there will be some great Mexican music too!!
We look forward to seeing you in church this Sunday.
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

* New Sermon Series: SOUL DETOX… Clean Living In A Contaminated World

Lots of people make resolutions….less eating, more exercise, spend less, be happy. But does it last? Does it work?

What is getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Soul Detox is not a program…but insight from the Bible about our inner being….our soul.

Check out this new series…it might be time to detox your soul.


January 5 The Restless Soul

January 12 The Troubled Soul

January 26 The Seduced Soul

February 2 The Satisfied Soul


This week the kids will be learning about the choice to pray.  What a great choice that we all should make! God loves when we take to him and depend on him for everything. The curriculum we are going through is designed to help both pre-school and elementary-age children identify the choices that will help them become a part of God’s family and then live as followers of God.
Reminder that there is a leaders meeting for anyone that is involved with Kidzone or is wanting to be a part of our great Kidzone team  coming up on January 28th. It is at CBC from 7-8PM

*Outlet Youth

Outlet Youth

 In the Orange room we will be wrapping up our series on finding your identity in God.
Next Event: At Creekside Centre – February 2nd 6:00-8:00PM  Come for a fun night! Bring a Friend.