ACC @ CBC October 26, 2014

IMG_0390.JPGHi everyone,

Somebody mentioned to me this past week that there are only 8 more Fridays until Christmas? Are you serious??!!?

This Sunday is Souper Sunday at Alderbrook…it’s a highlight around the church. If you’ve never attended Souper Sunday it’s pretty simple. There are a bunch of people at ACC who bring a bunch of food..and then after church, the whole “bunch” of us sit down and have a meal together. The food is incredible and everyone is invited to stay. Again, a special invitation is given to the CBC, TWU, UFV, Summit Pacific College students to come and enjoy a great meal. We want to bless you!

It’s also name Tag Sunday at Alderbrook this weekend. Isn’t it great to find out someone’s name instead of just saying ‘hey you?’  So, get to church early, slap on a name tag and get ready to add a few friends to your facebook page!!

Cal and Chrissy Krahn will be back leading the music and singing. I believe so strongly that this couple has such an anointed gift in leading people into worship and the presence of God. Come and be expecting God to draw you close as we sing together.

This Sunday we also want to continue our series titled, ‘Relational Grace’. Isn’t it amazing over the course of one week, how many people can actually tick you off? This week we are going to look at what the Bible says about dealing with those people that tend to ruffle our feathers.

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you at church this Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl


IMG_0439-0.JPGThe cranky. The obnoxious. The toxically negative. Who doesn’t have some of those people in our lives that are hard to get along with? They might be a neighbour, a co-worker…or even a family member ! The Bible has some incredible advice and wisdom for dealing with relationships that need lots of ‘relational grace’.

Oct 5th How to Handle Difficult People

Oct 19th Its Easier to Love My Dog

October 26th Dealing with People Who Ruffle My Feathers

Nov 2nd Life Giving People





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In Kidzone we are in the middle of our series called Treasure Seekers and taking a look at different characteristics of God. 
This Sunday  is all about how God is powerful. “No one is like you, O LORD; you are great, and your name is mighty in power.” Jeremiah 10:6



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Check out the fall youth calendar! There is something for everyone! Grade 6 to grade 12. Every Sunday night we will have a youth event or activity!

Lifegroups – This Sunday from 6:30pm until 7:30pm. Come out and grow deeper in your faith. For middle and high school students.
Pizza and Prayer – Next Sunday for all our high school students! Mark your calendar for an awesome time with friends.