ACC @ CBC May 3, 2015

Here we are in the month of May!
Where did April go huh? Didn’t it seem like yesterday that we were celebrating Easter and thinking that the summer was way off in the distance?

This Sunday we are excited to have Gregg, our son lead worship. If you remember, Gregg has been having a difficult time with his voice and had to step down from leading worship because it was simply too painful. Over the last few months, Gregg has rested his voice and sought out various treatments. We are hoping (and praying) that his voice holds out and that he will continue to do what we believe God has called him to do. Again, I want to thank all of our musicians and our tech crew…for the way that you use your spiritual gifts and abilities to lead our church closer to Jesus.

This Sunday I want to finish off our series called Blindsided. I hope that you have been enjoying the series and that you have been learning lots. I know I have !!
We have looked at the God who meets me at my fears, the God who knows exactly who I am and last week, the God who knows what I need. This Sunday we conclude with the message titled, the God who works His power in me. Remember, we don’t have to go at life all alone. God is there, by His Holy Spirit to infuse us with power and to work through our lives on a daily basis.
This Sunday is also the first Sunday of the month…which means that we will celebrate the Lord’s supper, also called communion. We have decided that we will do this as a church the first Sunday of every month. It’s always a special and memorable time as we remember the hope that we have through Christ’s death. Let’s never forget!!

We hope to see you this Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Ps Pray that Pastor Austin and Becca will have a great vacation this week!! Our summer intern, Becky Searles is excited to meet the kids!!

*Sermon Series:

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Here are the enotes for this week. For next week you can leave the kids and youth section blank and if I have time I can go in and add it myself.
In Kidzone we are starting a new series called ‘Agents in Action’ offering kids the thrill of accomplishing daily missions for God. Your children will develop an understanding of how to live as God’s disciples as they meet the challenges and choices they face in today’s world.

This Sunday’s daily mission is ‘make peace’. Learning that when we feel like fighting, we can stop and ask for God’s help to know how to make peace.! “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9
Ask your kids this Sunday what man in the book of Genesis made peace.
The Red Room is learning all the books of the Bible!  Listen to the song, “Books of the Bible,” and practice at home.

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Upcoming Events:
Outdoor Games Night – May 10th – An awesome night of games at Sandy Hill Elementary – 6:30-8pm
Lifegroups – May 24th. For middle and high school students to connect with peers and talk about their faith. 6:30 – 7:30pm at CBC