ACC @ CBC October 11, 2015 Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This weekend is always one of my favorites…and I know that you are thinking that I’m going to list a bunch of the delicious holiday foods huh?
Well, maybe in a second!! I actually love the Thanksgiving weekend because 30 years ago a beautiful woman named Cheryl decided that she wanted to start a journey together …serving Jesus Christ, pastoring some great churches with some awesome people, raising four incredible kids and loving life together. I am blessed and so thankful that she has put up with me for the past 30 years!!

This Sunday Gregg and the team will be leading the singing and worship time. When you come to church this weekend, why not take a bit of time to really “thank” God for all that He has done…and is doing in your life right now. What if we were to live our lives with a high degree of thankfulness and a lower level of entitlement?? I believe that our outlook would be totally different every day! If this hasn’t been a great week or if Thanksgiving is not a great weekend for you…push through and thank God even in the middle of your tough circumstances.

Just a reminder that this Sunday we are asking everyone to bring an item that can be shared with the Cyrus Centre. In case you didn’t know, the Cyrus Centre is a faith-based centre that the youth of Abbotsford can go to in times of trouble. They can get a hot meal, get some laundry done and find some strength and support of some great workers and volunteers. We have been working alongside the Cyrus Centre as a church for the past few years.

Here is the list of items that they have requested…












This Sunday I have asked Kris Baker to share the word of God at Alderbrook. Jared and I are away at a hockey tournament…and yes, my bride is very understanding given that this is our anniversary weekend. I know that Kris will have a stirring and challenging Thanksgiving message for each one of us.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for the Alderbrook church family.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Ps Cheryl makes an awesome ‘pumpkin cheesecake’…it’s my favorite!!

*New Sermon Series: FIGHT…Winning the Battles that Matter the Most

Are you willing to go down without a fight? Because it can happen so easily…your marriage, your family, your finances, your faith…all of these are in the battle zone.
This series is all about equipping us to fight the battles that matter the most, the ones that will eventually determine the state of our heart. In every single one of our lives, there are certain battles that you must fight and you must win.

Oct 25th Fight…When Life Gets Really Difficult
Nov 1st Fight..When the Odds Are Against You
Nov 15th Fight…To Safeguard My Sexuality
Nov 22nd Fight…The Right Person






Kidzone Logo
This Sunday in Kidzone we are  making a break from our “TruthLab Investigations” series.
It is Thanks giving weekend and this Sunday is all about being thankful!
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Middle School Students meet Sunday mornings after coffee 4:59 below the chapel at CBC

High School Students meet  Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm at CBC 
below the auditorium

Evening Events  
For BOTH middle and hight school students, the last Wednesday night of each month we have a BIG youth event.  We invite all our students to join us as we have a different special event planned for each month
October 28 We are going to Planet Lazer for and amazing night of Hide-and-Seek whilst tagging people with lasers. Meeting at CBC at 6:30pm we will be back at CBC by 9. Cost is $12