ACC at CBC February 14, 2015

12717391_1139765132702737_1397291054291584198_nHello from Mexico!!

Happy Valentines Day (on Sunday).
We are having a fantastic time of ministry down here in Mexico at Casa De Luz. The weather has been phenomenal, the food has been fantastic and the ministry has been dynamic on so many levels. Walt and Sarh..and the whole team are doing such a phenomenal job. I am so proud of each of them and you would be too. It has been an incredible week of ministry, not to mention that its been around 80F all week. Maybe we will stay another week…lol!!
The team will be back this Sunday afternoon/evening and will be sharing all about the trip on Sunday February 21st…you will need to be in church and hear all about it. Just a quick report…Vic Kaay and Chris Ryan are NOT pray extra for them!! (lol) We are having lots of fun…sometimes a bit too much. Thank you for praying for the team during our ministry trip. We have felt the prayers from ACC and know that each of you are partnering in ministry through prayer. Remember, we all share in the rewards…those that go as well as those that stay and pray!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This Sunday at ACC Kris Baker will be sharing from the Word of God. I know that God has put something specific on Kris’ heart for our church, so come ready and prepared to hear from God’s Word. Gregg and the team will be leading in music and worship…hasn’t it been incredible lately? Again, I want to thank all of the Kidzone leaders for what you do each Sunday…you are such a gift to the kids (and families) and I deeply appreciate the work and ministry that you do every Sunday.

Again, thank you for praying for the Casa De Luz team…all 24 of us are doing great and seeing God do some remarkable things.
We look forward to being back with everyone soon.

Pastor Glenn







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At alder brook church we believe in creating an atmosphere filed with fun, laughter and the presence of God.  Allie and the chidden leaders have designed a program to attract the hears of children so that they want to come back every week to meet with God and Learn about Him, in a creative and sometimes messy ways.

The Purple Room Ages 0-1

The Green Room: Ages 2-3

The Yellow Room: Ages 4-6

The Red Room: Ages 7-11


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High School Youth Alpha: Next Session February 21, 2016

Let us just say that we have some amazing Youth in our church and we are so blessed to get to be walking along beside them as they grow in their relationships with Jesus.

As a church and as parents please continue to pray for our Youth and everyone involved with the Youth Alpha series.

Middle School

We have been doing a series called “That’s It” with our Middle School Youth. It is a fast paced sketch comedy show set in different styles to help our middle school youth understand the foundational principles of serving and putting others first. Our Middle School youth is the definition of liveliness and we are really looking forward to getting to know them more as we meet together on Sunday mornings.

Middle/High School Event

Sunday at Castle Fun Park 5:30 -8:00 pm Golf and Go Kart Night