ACC @ CBC May 1, 2016

Welcome to the month of May!!
The month of May is always a great month …it’s not only Mothers Day, but also its a  ‘long weekend’ month. I have always thought that there should be a long weekend in every month. Can I get an Amen?

I want to thank everyone who brought food last week for our Souper Sunday at Alderbrook. There was a massive amount of delicious food. Thank you to those who took time, effort (and money) to bless people in our church. Souper Sunday is such an important time to connect and to get aquainted together…thank you to all those incredible cooks. I also want to thank Nicole, our Souper Sunday coordinator for planning this event around the Passover. I hope that everyone was able to see and recognize this past Sunday that Passover isn’t just a Jewish holiday, but it has tremendous ramifications for all believers. Jesus Christ has set us free!

This Sunday I want to conclude our YES/ NO Series with a message that is titled, Truth or Temptation. The truth about temptation is that we all get tempted. The myth about temptation is that we have to give in. The truth about temptation is that Jesus provides a way out. Its going to be a great final message in the series and I am excited about sharing it.

Mark your calendars for Sunday May 8th for it is Mothers Day. We want to celebrate and honor all of the ladies of ACC…’cause we think you’re pretty special!! We will also be welcoming Andrew and Michelle (Kate and Malachi) back to Canada as they have finished their three year term in Zambia. We look forward to hearing all about their journey.

See you in church this Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

*Sermon Series: Yes or NO?











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The red room is excited to start its new summer themed series on kids big questions about God. The yellow and green room are starting a new lesson on Gods big test for Abraham with Isaac.

Parents be sure to mark your calendars for Friday May 6th! Drop your kids off at the church at 6pm, pick them up at 9pm! We’ll have an evening full of games, a craft, snack and even a movie. We hope this will create an opportunity for parents to have a “night off” if such a thing exists. Maybe go on a date!
On a completely unrelated note to Kidzone. One of the things I love to do on my time off is volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association. I am fundraising for them by running Vancouver’s BMO marathon May 1st. If you are interested in making a donation or just want to know more please talk to Allie.

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Middle School

We will be meeting in room 204 this Sunday after coffee 4:59 to discuss baptism and what it means to be baptized. We will also be playing a couple fun games outside if the weather is nice!


High School

ONLY 2 EPISODES LEFT IN THE ALPHA SERIES!!! This Sunday evening we will be watching and discussing Episode #11-HEALING. It is about how God is a healer. It is part of His character and it is part of His love for us. Everyone is invited to ask for physical healing. While not everyone will be healed instantly, we can expect to experience moments of God’s healing power demonstrated as we pray.