ACC @ CBC November 6, 2016

Hello everyone,
I know in light of the events that happened at Abbotsford Senior Highschool this week that you have experienced such a heaviness in your spirit.
When I first heard of the school stabbings it was all so surreal, because one never thinks that it could happen in our own town/city.

Would you take a moment as you read through these Enotes to pray for our Abbotsford Schools, the students, teachers, and administrators.
Would you also hold up the families that were affected by this senseless attack…especially the family that lost their precious daughter. Amen.

This Sunday at Alderbrook we want to remind you early to set your clocks back one hour…yes, that means you get an extra hour of sleep. Its usually the little things in life that make our day, right?

It is communion Sunday and we are so excited to have the worship/music team that will be leading us. I appreciate your ministry to our church.

Finally, I want to start a brand new series on a rather difficult but really important subject…and that is money!! Do you know that God is interested in our finances? In fact, the Bible talks an lot about money and how we are to manage it.

We hope to see you this Sunday.

Pastor Glenn



Money is something that all of us need….but it’s hard, because there never seems to be enough. Do you know that God is interested in our finances; In fact, the Bible talks a lot about money and our finances.
Join us for this series as we …..Re-Think our Money.

November 6 How to Make It During Tough Financial Times

November 13 Money Talks

November 20 The Story of Money

November 27 Our Cash and God’s Supply




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The kids are very excited to be practicing their Christmas play for December 11th. We will also be having our second date night for the parents on November 19th from 6-8:30pm, make sure to mark the day down and rsvp to Allie. The Green room is reading their way through the Bible, Yellow room is finishing their study on feeding the 5,000.


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Middle School

Middle School Students will be meeting after coffee 4:59 to watch and discuss part 2 of the series, “The Potentials”. God has a Purpose for all of us and in this week’s episode we will better learn about how we can find out his Purpose for our lives.

Jeremiah 29:11 says,

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

High School

High School Students will be meeting this Wednesday evening from 7-8:30pm at CBC for youth. Drop off and pick-up will be in the CBC parking lot. We will be starting a new series about Spiritual Warfare called “The Dark Side”. There’s a realm out there that we can’t see, but this realm is very real—angels versus demons, good versus evil. A place where sin and virtue collide. This is the supernatural world. We’ll look at three different stories where Jesus faced off against The Dark Side. While these stories are very compelling due to their supernatural content, they also offer very practical applications for students’ everyday lives.