@ ACC September 24, 2017

IMG_6003 Hi everyone,
Twenty-four days into September!! Does anyone miss the summer yet? I’m sure by now that everyone is back into routine with school, work and various other commitments.
Just a reminder to you that you can’t do everything ..make sure that you bring God into every area of your life, especially your scheduling. In my devotions the other day I was reminded of Matthew 6:33 that encourages us to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness’, and everything else will fall into place. (that’s my personal version…lol). I actually believe that when we bring God into every area, and especially our schedule that our lives will have the proper pace and rythme. Why not try it, okay?

This Sunday we want to finish up our series called Church Hunters, as we look at what our church should look like and be like biblically. This last message is titled, Casual Atmosphere…Serious Faith! Yes…. I believe that both can co-exist and I see that happening at Alderbrook. We are pretty down to earth, very real and casual…but pretty honest and passionate about the things of God. We will look into the Bible and see what God has to say……

Finally, are you plugged into a Lifegroup yet? There are many different small groups where you can grow your faith, meet other people and learn more about the Bible. Why not sign up this Sunday.

We hope to see you this Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

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he Green room is busy reading their way through the bible! Learning all about the key people in the bible and how to apply the lessons to their every day. The Yellow room is doing a series on obedience, looking to people in the bible and how they demonstrated obedience to God and others. And the Red room kids are working their way through the Adventure Bible Devotion. Learning all about the key people in the bible and how to apply the lessons to their every day


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Youth This Week:

September 25 – We are meeting from 6:30-8:30 at CBC in rm 109. This is the first combined youth and we are excited to have all kids age 6-12 join us!

October 2 – Our first BIG event of the year is the Outlet Open, a mini-golf tournament open to all, young and old (aka parents invited!!). Cost is $15 per person, and we are meeting at Castle Fun Park from 6:45-8:15pm.

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