@ ACC September 17, 2017


Hi everyone,

It’s Fall Kick Off this Sunday…and that means one thing. We are going to eat again!!!
Eating seems to be a re-occurring theme at Alderbrook doesn’t it? Well, we have said before that it is one of our core values!

This Sunday we have a BBQ lunch after church along with some games, activities, some home baking and even cotton candy!
We want to welcome all of the CBC college students back (as well as those from UFV, Trinity Western, Summit, Yale, Harvard…hey, ya never know!!)

It will be so fun just to have everyone back; plus we are going to hear from the Mexico Summer Outreach Team (led by Clay and Jeannine) and the incredible time of ministry that they had at Casa De Luz..even though they didn’t have running water for a few days.

We are also going to show the “ACC 13 Summer Days in Review”. Do you remember the incredible events and activities we had this past summer? Donuts, Canada Day, Disney Day, Christmas in June Day??…Thirteen fantastic and fun filled days at Alderbrook Church. You will be able to see the whole summer in review brought to you by Rebecca Siebert productions!!

This Sunday we want to continue our fall series titled, Church Hunters. Did you enjoy the video last week? It’s pretty true isn’t it when you think of how some people view church. We have the second video all cued up and ready to go. This Sunday we want to look at the question, ‘What is the church supposed to look like and to be like’? We want to look into the Bible and ask ourselves…. what is Alderbrook church supposed to look like and to be like. It’s going to be insightful, trust me.

It’s going to be a great Sunday.
See you at church…again, ‘its people not a place’, right?

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl