@ACC January 14, 2017

Hi everyone,

Hopefully by now everyone is settled back into routine, right?
No??? nSome of you are still recovering from too much Christmas !!

It was such an incredible Sunday at ACC last week. Maybe I should preach on being ‘Uncomfortable’ more at ACC? If you missed out, don’t worry we want to keep moving down the same track as we started last Sunday.

If the sermon title makes you ‘uncomfortable’ (pun intended) the premise of the sermon series is that God never called us to mediocrity, run of the mill, or a boring walk of faith. Last week we learned tat ‘without faith it is impossible to please God’. Faith isn’t a mindless leap into the abyss ….., but it’s also not just coming to church and putting in time. When we talk about having a ‘faith-filled’ (and uncomfortable) life it means that we are wanting to be ‘spirit-led, connected with Christ and living into the design’ that God has for us.
Exciting? Yes! Uncomfortable? Possibly!

This Sunday, the next message in the series is “Get into the Wheelbarrow”. Really? You will have to come and find out what that is all about!!

Finally, mark your calendars for Sunday January 28th; right after church we are having a Missions luncheon (by donation). We have five (5) students going on missions trips over Spring Break and we want to support their efforts. The youth that are going are Marley, Cassidy and Allyssa as well as Cole and Rebecca. Jesus told us to ‘go into all the world’…sometimes that gets ‘uncomfortable’.

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl


This week:

Jan 14 – Middle School during Service will be run by Brendan & Megan! Come for games & the last of the Skate It Off series!


Jan 15 – Move Night, all ages! Come for an old-fashioned movie night at CBC from 6:30-8:30. Jadon will be gone but Scott and Andrew will be putting on a great time! Pop, chips, and an exciting Minute to Win it! 🙂

Youth Night Change

In our “year end” email, Sarah and I asked for your thoughts on whether Monday Nights were working for youth or if we should return them to Sunday nights. The feedback we got said that Sunday worked better for rides & not interfering with other activities, so as of NEXT WEEK WE ARE MOVING YOUTH NIGHTS BACK TO SUNDAYS. This week will be the final youth night on Monday night.