Sunday, July 14 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

Cheryl and I had a wonderful and restful vacation…but we are sure excited to be back!!
Thank you for praying for us during our time away!!

This past week we also had the privilege of performing the marriage ceremony of Jesse and Melinda Thompson.
I want to thank a number of ACC people for assisting and helping with the wedding…you were such a blessing to the Thompson’s !!
(Gord and Sue Peterson, Don and Janice Berg, Brittani Johnson, Vic Kaay and Cheryl Embree)

This Sunday is WAFFLE SUNDAY at Alderbrook Church.
The waffles start at 9:30am so you don’t have to prepare and cook breakfast at home…just load up the kids and head to church.
Gregg will be leading the music/worship and we will start just after 10am after everyone’s had some waffle’s.
Cassidy and the Kidzone leaders are ready this Sunday and the youth have an action-packed summer filled with lots of fun activities.

We want to start a brand new summer series called F.E.A.R NOT.
Many of us deal with fear and anxiety …areas in our lives that can cripple, freeze and hinder us.
God’s plan isn’t that we live in fear…but that we live a life of freedom in Christ Jesus.
This Sunday we will be looking at what the Bible has to say about ‘No Fear Living’.

Again, breakfast is served at 9:30am. See you then.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

July 14th – No Fear Living


Important Events This Month

Water Baptism – If you’re interested in being baptized in water, fill out a connection card and place it in the offering. Our next baptism service will be on July 21st.

Seven Sundays of Summer

       Breakfast Sunday – July 14th @ ACC

You get to sleep in because we will be providing a Waffle   Breakfast that starts at 9:30am. Waffles, fruit toppings, whip cream  and ice cream…and no dishes to wash!! Why not wear your pajama’s or bathrobe to church.

Ice Cream Sundae – July 28th @ ACC

Any day can be Ice Cream day, but we will be having Ice Cream Sundaes after church. A great way to beat the summer heat!!

International Day – Aug. 11th @ ACC  

What a better way to celebrate international Sunday but by having Samosa’s ? Stay for lunch after church and enjoy some great food.


Sundays at Kidzone

Purple Room: Ages 0-1   Green Room: Ages 1-3   Yellow Room: Ages 4-7 Red Room: Ages 8-11

We have started a new curriculum based off of the Days of Creation. Last Sunday was focused on day 1 where God created light. The verse is Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light”: and there was light.”

Kids Zone Director: Cassidy


This Sunday in the Youth Room

Middle School students meet in the orange room – July 14th this month.

Youth Alpha

Sunday’s 5:30-7:30: Meet that the CBC Campus to learn about God, play some games, and eat some snacks.


Youth Activity

Summer Events:

Sun. July 14th – CBC campus from 5:30-7:30pm

Sun. July 21stHike & swim at Lindeman Lake, leave right after church – bring swimsuit and lunch.

Sun. July 28th – CBC campus from 5:30-7:30pm

Sun. Aug. 4thNo Youth

Sat. Aug. 10th – Canoe adventure, 10am

Sun. Aug. 11thNo Youth

Sun. Aug. 18th – CBC campus from 5:30-7:30pm


Youth Director: Jared

Youth Staff: Ty, Liam, and Brendan.