Sunday, July 21 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,
Did you enjoy the great tasting waffles last Sunday?
Somebody mentioned that we should serve breakfast every Sunday at ACC!! I could go for that!!
Thanks again to Walt Siebert and the team of guys who cooked, prepared and served the scrumptious breakfast.

This Sunday is action packed…again!!
It seems that almost every week we have a pretty exciting and filled agenda…but that’s the way we like it, right?
First of all, we are excited to have Cal and Chrissy Krahn come and lead worship at ACC. In case you didn’t know, Chrissy is John and Lore Reemeyer’s daughter and obviously, a sister to Maria Hutchison.
I’ve known Cal and Chrissy for many years and so appreciate their heart.
In fact, they are getting ready to transition to a new and exciting outreach in the city of Montreal this fall.

Speaking of outreach, we want to highlight Jesse and Michelle DuFrene and their missions ministry in Ireland.
You will have an opportunity to hear all about this exciting ministry.

We want to continue our summer series, F.E.A.R NOT as we look at part two that is titled, “Failure and God’s Grace”. One of the great fears that people have (as well as carry in their lives) is that of guilt. We’ve all experienced guilt but how do we deal with it? Fear? Faith?
This Sunday we will look at what the Bible has to say about this very important aspect of fear and faith.

Finally, we will be having a water baptism service right after church.If you want to get baptized this Sunday, just email the church office.
It’s going to be a great Sunday. See you at Alderbrook.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

July 21st – Failure and God’s Grace


Important Events This Month

Water Baptism – If you’re interested in being baptized in water, fill out a connection card and place it in the offering. Our next baptism service will be this Sunday, the 21st.

Seven Sundays of Summer

       Breakfast Sunday – July 14th @ ACC

You get to sleep in because we will be providing a Waffle   Breakfast that starts at 9:30am. Waffles, fruit toppings, whip cream  and ice cream…and no dishes to wash!! Why not wear your pajama’s or bathrobe to church.

Ice Cream Sundae – July 28th @ ACC

Any day can be Ice Cream day, but we will be having Ice Cream Sundaes after church. A great way to beat the summer heat!!

International Day – Aug. 11th @ ACC  

What a better way to celebrate international Sunday but by having Samosa’s ? Stay for lunch after church and enjoy some great food.


Sundays at Kidzone

Purple Room: Ages 0-1   Green Room: Ages 1-3   Yellow Room: Ages 4-7 Red Room: Ages 8-11

Last Sunday in kidzone, the focus lesson was Creation – day 2. This is the day that God created the sky. The verse is, So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so. God called the vault “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.” Genesis 1:7-8

Please encourage you kids to memorize scripture as it is important for spiritual growth as well as they can earn prizes:)

Kids Zone Director: Cassidy


This Sunday in the Youth Room

Middle School students meet in the orange room – July 28th this month.

Youth Alpha

Sunday’s 5:30-7:30: Meet that the CBC Campus to learn about God, play some games, and eat some snacks.


Youth Activity

Summer Events:

Sun. July 21stHike & swim at Lindeman Lake, leave right after church – bring swimsuit and lunch.

Sun. July 28th – CBC campus from 5:30-7:30pm

Sun. Aug. 4thNo Youth

Sat. Aug. 10th – Canoe adventure, 10am

Sun. Aug. 11thNo Youth

Sun. Aug. 18th – CBC campus from 5:30-7:30pm


Youth Director: Jared

Youth Staff: Ty, Liam, and Brendan.