Sunday, November 22 || Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

I’m sure that everyone has been following (and monitoring) the number of ‘breakout COVID’ cases throughout the province of BC. Will you continue to pray that the trends reverse? Due to the announcement on Thursday, November 19th by Dr. Bonnie Henry suspending ‘faith group’ gatherings up to 50, we will be heading back to an Alderbrook Zoom Church Service for Sunday’s Nov 22nd, Nov 29th and December 6th. (The suspension will be in place until further notice).
Please continue to pray for our church, our children and seniors, our teachers, health care workers and our government. 
We will be offering one (1) Sunday Zoom service that will start at 10am. Remember that the church is open even if the building is closed!!
Click on the following link to attend the 10am Sunday Zoom service:

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom this Sunday.
Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

Sermon Series

November 22nd: Glenn Embree

Important Events

November Birthdays:

1st Bella Berg, 2nd Zion Mondhe, 5th Jesse Thompson, 8th Nathaniel Boudreau, 13th Mireille Strafford, 16th Liam Penner, 16th Gord Petersen, 17th Wayne Koop, 17th Barbara Reynolds, 24th Dimitri Berg, 26th Livinia Chernoff, 30th Madeline Moore  

November Anniversaries:

17th Erin and Jordan Fox

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Kidzone Director: Cassidy

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**Any questions can be directed to Jared or Ty**

Youth Director: Jared

Youth Assistant: Ty

Youth Staff: Liam and Brendan.