Christmas Eve 2020|| Alderbrook Church

Hello everyone,

The Enotes from the church came a little early, because Christmas is almost here!!

 I am so thankful that we can celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and of Jesus Christ being born and coming to earth to bring us back to God…. ‘Emmanuel, God with us’!

Christmas Eve service – Thursday December 24th 6pm

Again, we will not be meeting together at CBC on Christmas Eve, however we will be offering a ‘virtual/zoom’ Christmas Eve carols and candlelight (virtual !!) service that the Alderbrook family can join together from 6pm-7pm on Thursday December 24th . 

Here is the Zoom link for our Christmas Eve Service:

After you celebrate Christmas why not join us for a one hour church service on Sunday December 27th? We will be offering one (1) Sunday Zoom service that will start at 10am. Also, Cassidy will be doing a Kidzone lesson for the children from 9:30am-9:45am…why not log onto Zoom early?

Remember that the church is open even if the building we meet in is closed!! We can worship, connect and hear from God’s Word no matter what limitations or restrictions we face.

Click on the following link to attend the 10am Sunday Zoom service on December 27th

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom this Christmas Eve as well as next Sunday.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

December 24th – Christmas Eve Service

Jesus Birthday Cake and Christmas Eve Devotional Details:

What you will need:  -A round chocolate cake   -A star (a silver star ornament or a cardboard star with foil works well too) -White Icing -Red piping icing: write Happy Birthday Jesus and outline the cake in red   -Green piping or green holly leaves  -21 candles

The symbolism of each item: – –The cake is round in a circle shape, representing that God has no beginning and no end, just like His love for us is never-ending.  Nothing can separate us from His love.
-Chocolate: Inside the cake is dark.  A symbol of darkness that sin brings to us inside.  
-White Icing: The purity of Jesus.  He never ever did anything wrong.  He is perfect.  
-Red Lettering and trim: Red represents the reason why Jesus left heaven.   God so loved the world that He sent His son.  His son died for the sins of the world so we could be saved.  It symbolizes the blood He shed for us but also His Love for us.  
-Green: The Eternal life of Jesus Christ. 
-Star: I place this in the centre of the cake.  The Star of David led the wise men to worship Jesus and give Him gifts.  They Followed the star. Also, it symbolized that Jesus is the real star of Christmas and to keep Him at the centre of the whole season and our lives. 
-21 Candles: 21 centuries since the birth of Christ. 

Lighting of the candles:
-The Flame: He is the light of the world and we are to let our light shine before people that people will see our good deeds and people will know that He lives in us and this brings Him glory. 

Then sing Happy Birthday – Blow out the candles and pray together as a family!