ACC @ CBC Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi everyone,

As the east coast of Canada (and the United States) continues to plunge into record freezing temperatures, there’s one thing for certain…that groundhog in Abbotsford on February 2nd must have seen his bathing suit and sunglasses!! Hasn’t the weather been awesome??It was so great to hear from the Mexico Team last Sunday. Didn’t they do a terrific job? I was so excited to see all the youth and kids participating and communicating the incredible ministry and miracles of our trip. As I shared last Sunday…I completely changed my next sermon series as I watched and observed how God was drawing people to come to know Him in Mexico. It was so awesome seeing the large number of people coming to Christ and accepting salvation…I’m still pumped!!Speaking of…I start a brand new sermon series this Sunday, titled, “Who Is My Neighbour”? What does the Bible say about our neighbours, our co-workers, our family and friends who don’t know Jesus? What responsibility do we have according to the Bible? You will be stirred and challenged as we see our neighbours in a totally different light.

Getting back to missions…do you know that we still have three (3) more missions team that are heading out this year…and two of them leave in the next few weeks. This Sunday, we will be praying for the Fiji Team (Dave/Phyllis Rathjen, Levi Geisbrecht and a team from Pacific Academy highschool.) In fact, there will be an ‘Ice Cream fundraiser’ after church with proceeds going towards the construction of a new church. Why not partner in this exciting ministry and eat some ice cream too.

Then on March 8th, we will be praying for our team that is heading to India (Dave/Shirley McLauren, Samantha, Michelle and Kris Baker). What an exciting trip that is going to be and their team will be having a ‘Bake Sale fundraiser’ on March 8th that will go towards the India outreach.The third missions team is the Summer Mexico team (Casa De Luz), led by Jeannine and Clay (July 26th-Aug 2nd). If you are interested in going just email the church ( and we will get you in contact with them and also get you more information.This is an exciting season at Alderbrook…..see you on Sunday.

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

*Sermon Series:Who is my neighbour?


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In Kidzone we are in the middle of our series called ‘Journey With Jesus’ and discovering where Jesus went, what Jesus taught and how it is relevant today.

This Sunday, Jesus is in Jericho and we see that obeying God’s commands gives us joy!“Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.” PSALM 119:35
Ask your kids this Sunday what Jesus did and who he meet in Jericho!
The Red Room is learning all the books of the Bible!  Listen to the song, “Books of the Bible,” and practice at home.

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Upcoming Events:

Extreme Games Night – Tonight! – An awesome night of games at Creekside Centre
35131 Straiton Road – 6:30-8pm
High School Hangout – March 8th for all our high school students! It is going to be a great night. 6-8pm