ACC @ CBC July 12, 2015

imageWe sure had an unusual week around Abbotsford !!
The heat and sun continued, but with the Pemberton fire this past week, the smokie hovered and covered the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Cheryl and I were fortunate to be on holidays in the Okanagan this past week, but the smoke from the fire even shifted into the interior too. Regardless, we had an incredible week of rest and relaxation…but are exited to be back at ACC this Sunday.

This Sunday at Alderbrook I want to start a new three week series titled #Struggles. Does it seem like everyone else has life together and we have all the problems? Do you ever catch yourself trying to keep up with other people’s social media status? Do you gain self-worth and value when someone “likes” your post on Facebook? This series is about  living a Christ-focused life in a “selfie-centered” world. This Sunday we start off with the topic…I #struggle with my past.

We are excited to have a young man who just graduated from MEI lead worship this Sunday. Josh Kathler and the music team will be leading the music. Plus, we will be showing a video from the youth when three of our young people got baptized two weeks ago. I am so excited to see the video and to hear about their exciting testimonies.=

See you this Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

*Next week, July 19, we also will be having a bake sale to support the missions team to Casa de Luz.  Goodies will be sold by the dozen with a minimum donation of $5. YUM!*

*NEW sermon series: #Struggles

(living a Christ-focused life in a “selfie-centered world)

Does it seem like everyone else has life together and we have all the problems? We are pressured to measure up to other people’s social
media status and we are left with more #struggles. This series is all about living a Christ-focused life in a “selfie-centered world”.

July 12 I #struggle with my past
July 19 I #struggle with guilt
July 26 I #struggle with pride

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We had such a great time at SonSpark Labs learning about God’s Plan 4 us! Make sure you are hear this Sunday to hear all about it.
In Kidzone we are nearing the end of a series called ‘Agents in Action’ offering kids the thrill of accomplishing daily missions for God. Your children will develop an understanding of how to live as God’s disciples as they meet the challenges and choices they face in today’s world.

This Sunday’s daily mission is ‘be generous and thankful’. I can be generous with my money and possessions to show my thankfulness for God’s gifts to me! “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8
Ask your kids this Sunday about the story Jesus told about a farmer
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Mini Golf  –  Join us at Castle Fun Park this Tuesday for an awesome afternoon of fun. 2:30-4pm $10