ACC @ CBC July 19, 2015


Hello everyone,

Here we are in the middle of July….have you been enjoying the weather?
I know that we are experiencing ‘drought-like’ conditions here in our city….so please be praying that we get a bit of rain for the crops in the Fraser Valley and the moisture needed to combat the many fires that have spread around our beautiful province.

During the summer months, a lot of churches slow down….some even cancelling their services. At ACC, even though we adopt a slower and more relaxed pace….our Sundays just keep on moving forward in exciting ways. This Sunday is Missions Sunday at ACC and we will be praying for the Mexico Team that will be leaving very soon on their outreach trip. Will you pray over the next few weeks for Clay and Jeannine and the team as they minister at Casa De Luz? If you remember, this is the second team this year that we have sent to Mexico!!The Mexico team will be having a bake sale…so bring some extra money for your sweet tooth. Do calories really count on Sundays?? I am so excited and thankful for our missions teams and the way that our church wants to reach out not just in Abbotsford, but literally around he world. We will also be receiving our monthly missions offering this Sunday.

This week we are excited to have Josh Kaethler back again to lead the music and worship. Pastor Austin and Becca, along with our summer intern Becky Searles will be leading Kidzone. There have been some exciting things happening in our youth, middle school and Kidzone programs this summer. Wasn’t it exciting to see the youth baptism and the Vacation Bible School video’s last week? I am so thankful for Austin, Becca and Becky…along with all of our leaders….you guys are awesome.

I ant to continue the message series that we started last week called #Struggles…this week we want to look at the topic of our”guilt” and how God wants to help restore our lives. My prayer is that God will bring freedom to people’s lives and bring release to hearts and lives in families and individuals.

Finally, its going to be a great sunny Sunday and right after church we invite you to head out to Cultus Lake. Bring a picnic lunch or pick up some food along the way. We have a speedboat for some tubing or just to sit at the water and chill out.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

*Sermon Series: #Struggles

(living a Christ-focused life in a “selfie-centered world)





Does it seem like everyone else has life together and we have all the problems? We are pressured to measure up to other people’s social media status and we are left with more #struggles. This series is all about living a Christ-focused life in a “selfie-centered world”.

July 12 I #struggle with my past
July 19 I #struggle with guilt
July 26 I #struggle with pride

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In Kidzone we are nearing the end of a series called ‘Agents in Action’ offering kids the thrill of accomplishing daily missions for God. Your children will develop an understanding of how to live as God’s disciples as they meet the challenges and choices they face in today’s world.

This Sunday’s daily mission is ‘make and keep friends’. Obeying God’s command to treat others like I want to be treated will help me make and keep friends! “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12
Ask your kids this Sunday about the widows in need
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Upcoming Summer Events:
August 11th — Lindemn Lake Hike @9:00am-4:00pm. Meet at CBC

August 18th — Cultus waterpark @3-8pm. CBC at 2:30