ACC @ CBC February 28, 2016


I think that every Sunday at Alderbrook should be Missions Sunday!! In fact, someone told me after church this past weekend that we should be doing missions every well as ice cream (or food) every week!!
I wholeheartedly agree and think we should implement it as soon as possible….food and reaching out to others. What a great combo.

Wasn’t it exciting to hear and see the stories from the Mexico Team. Someone else told me on Sunday that they were blown away by the number of young people and young adults on the team sharing about their passion for serving Jesus in Casa De Luz, Mexico. Again, I am so proud of Walt/Sarah Siebert..and the whole team for not just representing Jesus Christ on the trip …but also for representing Alderbrook well too. Great job team!!
Last Sunday we also had the opportunity to pray for the next team headed out to Fiji!! Isn’t it incredible to see what doors God has opened for our church? I believe that if we as a church keep Matthew 28:19,20 as our goal, then God will continue to open doors and raise up people to make a difference around the world!
*Would you remember to pray for the nation of Fiji this week as they recover from a massive typhoon that hit the Islands last weekend.

This Sunday is one of my favorites…it’s Souper Sunday. Just as Missions is really important, so is sharing food and gathering together for a meal. It is a great opportunity to keep the level of engagement and community high at our church. A lot of churches, sadly, have people that come through the doors, watch the ‘show’ and then go home. At Alderbrook we will not go down this route….we want to keep our friendship and community as a high priority. Didn’t Jesus say that people would know us by our love? Thank you ACC for being a loving, caring and reaching out church. You amaze me in so many ways!!

This Sunday I want to continue our Breaking Free Series with a message that I’ve titled, Breaking Free from Loneliness. What does the Bible have to say about the various types of loneliness that we face at various times and how we can be set free…..

Its going to be a great Sunday of food, music, connecting and hearing from God’s Word.
See you on Sunday,

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl







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High School

We were so excited to dive back into Youth Alpha last Sunday and what a great night it was! Brad and Maria did a wonderful job with the food…I am pretty sure that they didn’t have any left overs. Not only was the food fantastic but so were the interactions and discussions between our High School Youth. It is so nice to see everyone warming up to each other. We are looking forward to another great night this coming Sunday as we watch the next session about Prayer. There are still a few more faces that we would love to see out on Sunday nights and of course we really encourage that you invite your friends out too. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!!

Middle School

This past Sunday in our Middle School time our kids got to listen to a great devotional about the story of Joseph from one of our CBC students Luke Bushman. Life is full of ups and downs and no matter what we have to trust in God and His plan for our lives. We then got to take advantage of the start of this beautiful weather and went outside to do some fun and games. This Sunday we will be starting a new series called HACKED so make sure to come downstairs and join in on the fun and fellowship!!!

I also wanted to add that it amazes me to hear back from our youth that went down to Casa De Luz and how God not only worked through them but in their lives as well. I THINK THAT WE HAVE SOME YOUNG MISSIONARIES IN OUR CHURCH!! Let’s remember as a body of Christ to keep on encouraging and praying for these passionate young hearts that want to serve our God ?

Joel and Hanna