ACC February 25, 2018

Hi everyone,

We know that in January that there was enough rain to sink a cruise ship. Hasn’t February been a totally different story?
I love the sunshine and even the colder temperatures, but the various snowfall and ice warnings!?! What was that groundhog thinking on February 2nd?

Anyways, it is great to be back home after a very successful Missions trip to Primo Tapea, Mexico to work with the Casa De Luz orphanage. The team wants to tell everyone at ACC all about it, so make sure you are in church on Sunday March 4th as we highlight the Mexico trip.

This Sunday we are pleased to have David lead the music/worship at church. I am so thankful for all of our musicians, sound people, powerpoint techs…you are true servants to the church and to Jesus Christ. You are deeply appreciated!

I want to finish off our series that we started in February called BREAKTHROUGH… The last message in this series is titled ‘Moving Past Being Blindsided’. Why not read through John chapter 9 in the Bible before coming to church on Sunday? …it will give you some background information and insight into how easily we want breakthrough in our lives, yet we get ‘blindsided’.

It will be great to see the ACC family this Sunday. Remember that we have a water baptism planned for Sunday April 1st, which is Easter Sunday. If you have not been baptized, fill out a connection card or email the church office….you won’t regret it!!

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl

This Week! Feb 25 Lazer Tag is closed again… but we are going to the Trampoline Park in Langley! Same cost, $15/person. Meet/Pickup at the jump park at 6:30 or we have room for 3 kids in Jadon’s car. One hour jump time!

Mar 4 – Combined Youth Night! Going to continuing the Alpha Youth series, which is very exciting 🙂 We are looking forward to having fun and learning more about Jesus. Meeting at CBC, 6:30-8:30pm.

Mar 11 – City-Wide Prayer Night! There is a city-wide youth prayer night hosted by HillCity Church that we will be attending. Meeting like normal at CBC, 6:30-8:30.

Mar 11 – Middle School Youth! During the service, Grades 6-8. Continuing the series The Bee Squad!

April 1 – Baptism opportunity. If you or a youth are looking to make a commitment to Jesus, Alderbrook is having a baptism April 1st. Talk to Jadon or Glenn for more info!