ACC May 13, 2018 Mother’s Day!????

Hi everyone,

This Sunday is Mothers Day and we want to start off by celebrating with a Pancake Breakfast at Alderbrook. The guys want to start serving everyone (ladies first!) around 9am, so pack up the family and head to ACC this Sunday for breakfast. We also have flowers for every woman that comes.

We want to honor the mom’s and all the ladies of ACC for the incredible women that you are. We appreciate all that you do in our church, in your homes, in the various work and business settings that God has placed you in. You are awesome!!

This Sunday Cheryl will be bringing the message. (I didn’t think that the book of Revelation series really fit on Mothers Day. Good call huh?) Cheryl will be sharing along with three dynamic ladies from our church: Ruth Redekop, Jeannine Lode and Ivonne Grabowski. I am so excited to hear what God has placed on the hearts of these terrific women!

If you missed out last week we want to let you know that Brittani Johnson will be leading our Kidzone program over the summer months. Thank you Brittani…you are going to do an awesome job with the ACC kids.
We have also been working on our youth leadership too ….and will be announcing this on Sunday.

Happy Mothers Day.
It’s going to be a great weekend, so see you at 9am for pancakes!!

Pastor Glenn and Cheryl